Raymond Chandler Discusses New Book On Jacko

In an explosive two-part series, Raymond Chandler talked exclusively to The Sun’s Antonella Lazzeri and revealed the true story of his nephew Jordie and Michael Jackson. The story at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Jackson’s Dad Treated For Ulcers

October 2, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “Fox News reports that Michael Jackson’s father, Joe, was treated for ulcers this week. Yeah, when asked why he had ulcers, Joe said, ‘I’m Michael Jackson’s father’!”

Michael Jackson’s Dad Comes To His Defense, Blames Media

28, 2004 – In an exclusive interview with ‘Access Hollywood’, Michael’s father Joe Jackson came to his son’s defense. In addition to believing his son’s innocent of child molestation charges, Jackson blames the media for presenting the public with a warped perspective on the case. “They never tell the truth about anything,” said Joe. “I don’t care whether it’s Michael or someone else. When they get to be that big up in the entertainment field or whatever, they always try to tear you down.”

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8 thoughts on “Raymond Chandler Discusses New Book On Jacko

  1. UncleRemus says:

    Guess the Butt slamming little boys has nothing to do with it at all. These people need to move to Singapore where they cane your ass for this crap !

  2. PopTart says:

    “Michael is a superstar. He’s a superstar that was raised right,” said Joe. Right! LOL! “They never tell the truth about anything,” said Joe. “I don’t care whether it’s Michael or someone else. When they get to be that big up in the entertainment field or whatever, they always try to tear you down.” Yeah right. Some people need to take responsibility for their actions. Whatever. I don’t feel bad for Jacko or his awful family.

  3. Casey says:

    Jacksons guilty. If he wasn’t guilty he wouldn’t have to take so long to find away out of this mess he put his self in, I hope the child molester fries.

  4. leerch says:

    Anyway innocent until proven guilty and guess what…he is innocent. those who have already made up their minds without knowing any facts will always believe he is guilty but that’s there lost. I hope if any of you get in trouble with the law you are treated with and given the same closed mind opinions as you are showing on these posts.

  5. FuturePast says:

    Yeah, the people who have made up their minds are not going to be on the jury. That is where both defense and prosecution can pick and impartial jury to be able to follow the judges instructions. There is a gag order on the case, and I’m sure that the jury will be sequestered from day 1. Otherwise, those of us not picked for the jury can make our minds with some of the stuff that has already been presented to us. I think those who think he is innocent are close-minded as well. Guilty until proven innocent isn’t that literal. Please.

  6. linda says:

    I believe Michael did molest Jordy. I have read over and over again what the cops found in his home. and his parents have always been suspicious of his sexuality. even though I say it was a set up Michael Jackson fell for the bait. Conspiracy or extortion Michael did do it. I don’t blame Evan making his son gay. and Jordie has not made no such statement about his father made him lie.and in spite of what his brother Jermaine says Evan did not commit suicide because he lied on Michael he had been battling some type of disease that strikes Jewish men. and the real kicker to the story is June Chandler the boys mother was up in the bed with Michael and her son. That’s the truth.

  7. paula says:

    Michael Jackson was a smooth criminal. He was also a big liar. had he stayed away from those young boys and plastic surgery Michael could have been the next Denzel Washington. I keep asking myself why didn’t his brothers leave their boys with Michael. I mean these boys can not all be making up these stories, Michael liked playing with himself in front of them some boys liked it. some boys did not. and why did he always have these boys sitting on his lap when he has a hard on.

  8. jeff says:

    I do not think anybody would go through all this time making this up. I believe Jordie Chandler. Michael did do it.

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