Real World Melissa Meets Howie Dorough

According to Melissa from the Real World, Howie from the was at a club talking to Mike from Real World Back to New York. “Speaking of hot sh**, as in for young teenage girls, Howie from the Backstreet Boys was there talking to The Miz,” she said. “I wasn’t quite sure if it was in fact Howie (in my head, I apologized for calling him The Housewife back when he was ironing his hair), but soon enough I would know. Anyway, Mike reached down in his purse to pay his way and his homeboy’s way and sometimes his cousin’s way, and mine of course, and then I looked up and next thing you know he’s introducing me to Howie. I shook his hand, grabbed my $5, said I had social paranoia and must get thee to the bar and godspeed. It wasn’t that serious, but I had to bounce. Two RW people and a Backstreet boy, what am I? The Surreal Life?”

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