Realistic Parents Allowed Lauren Pritchard To Pursue Her Music Dreams

Lauren Pritchard 'Stuck'

tells Blast Magazine that her parents, especially her mother, supported her passion for music, allowing the singer songwriter to move to Los Angeles at 16 to live with her best friend’s family while pursuing a career in music. “I had very realistic parents,” Pritchard said. “If they really thought that I couldn’t succeed, they would have told me to shut up and do something else. … You know, you see a show like ‘American Idol’ and you see these parents, ‘My child is the best singer in the whole world!’ … And you’re like, oh, what is wrong with you? My mother was never like that. … I had parents that were like, this is what you can do well, and this is what you should do. But it was never in a forceful way. It was something that I wanted to do. Basically, there was reassurance and moral support.”

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