Reasons Why I Hate Britney Spears

Contributed anonymously:

I absolutely dislike . Let me share my honest reasons. And whether you like these essays or not, you’re going to have to put up with this one because it’s actually worth reading!

Talent and Britney should not be in the same sentence! The girl can’t sing for diddly squat! Her voice is annoying. She sings with a funny sounding voice that is completely different than her talking voice which only proves it’s a bunch of irritating noises and not singing!

Oh where do I begin! She has ugly eyes that are as far apart as California and New York. She has absolutely no lips. Her teeth are fake and are as big as the horizon. Her nose looks like a toucan’s even though she’s had countless surgeries on it. Her skin is horrible. I’ve seen better softness on a greasy pizza.

She has taken too many steroids. Her boobs are flat from where the doctor removes her implants. Her butt is fake which is very obvious. Her legs look like she used them to fill in for the Hulk. She has no curvature. No Hips. I think it’s time for a new surgery.

I actually love her personality…not! She is the fakest person I’ve seen in years. Her facial expressions are ridiculous and unnecessary. Which is one reason why she’ll never be taken seriously and will always be in Christina’s adult shadow. She is dumb! She can’t give interviews and looks stupid when she tries to answer as if she had a few brain cells.

Her fans:
Every single one of them are tone deaf. Some of them only listen to her because of her music, which proves they aren’t musically educated. Most of them are children and homosexuals. And the one’s who aren’t children are immature and have no life. And they try to reflect their idol. Which is quite dumb being that she steals most of her styles from other artists including Christina.

It must suck being untalented and unpretty. Too bad. I just hope one day Britney and her fans will grow up and realize there are far better things than her irritating music and career. But it seems it’ll never happen.

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116 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Hate Britney Spears

  1. Muffy says:



  2. katlin says:

    I hate Britney Spears because she is weird and not a roll for kids like Miley or the Jonas Brothers.

  3. hkj says:

    The reason why I don’t like her is because she just acts like a stripper and never keeps her clothes on like a mature adult. She obviously doesn’t care about the younger fans because all she cares about is herself and making money, she doesn’t care how it might effect them. She acts like stripper but she doesn’t care.
    In reality her voice is average, all those high pitches she can’t sing (Mariah Carey is a real voice talent) they just digitally alter and “fix” in the studio, so nobody ever finds out. Sorry but you can’t fool me. That’s why she’s always lip synching.

  4. Arron says:

    First of all I’m surprised to know how illiterate a person could be to dislike someone on the basis of looks and personal business. You surely haven’t even passed 5th grade. Britney Spears is a Legendary name and obviously there are a 100 reasons why this girl is popular. I’m no big fan but I’m impressed by everything she does. She is pretty for sure, has prettiest eyes that are deep enough to express whatever is happening to her. Her skin is absolute perfect(except for those crazy days of 2007). She has a PERFECT BODY.. I mean seriously are you kidding me? Britney has a perfect body since she was a young girl without any fame! Her boobs aren’t implants like Christina whose boob-job is way too obvious. Her body is all natural. And for God’s sake those teeth are 200% real hell!!!!! with cutest smile! And she never had a NOSE-JOB in her life. She can sing for sure better than Madonna or Kylie Minogue ok not if like Mariah. But mostly haters are jealous because she achieved that TOP and SUCCESS which anyone can only dream off.. But kids!! The REALITY won’t change!

  5. Random People says:

    OMG, this is so true. She is so stupid, so ugly, so untalented. DAMN! She show that women need to be treated like an object. I mean fu**, we all have desire and sex, we don’t need her to show us what it’s like and to tell us about all her sex stories, how her anatomy is made or all her desires! I never, ever, ever understood why people were fan of her. And if it’s for the body, how can people like fake body with a bunch of surgery? Isn’t it more beautiful to see a real body, that is REALLY beautiful and has not been change one millions times ? To resume, I just think it’s so stupid to make money by selling YOUR BODY. What money is for if you have no more LIFE?

    Oh and, seriously, how can you want to “have sex” with a celebrity such Britney, when you know that she did it A MILLION TIMES, such a prostitute. Personally, I like precious things, not the ones that have been USED SEVERAL TIMES.

  6. Jenn says:

    I’m not her biggest fan but this article is extremely poorly-written. If I were a teacher, I would give you C-.

  7. jake says:

    Wow you are a stupid idiot with no life if you honestly took the time to write this article about her! She doesn’t even care or know who you are… she’s laughing in your face right now making millions of dollars because she IS TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL, AND HAS A KILLER BODY! SOMETHING YOU DEFINITELY DON’T HAVE. STUPID BITCH.

  8. justin says:

    wow whoever wrote this is a real douche bag… close your bologna flaps and stop hating on Brit… she’s the sh**!!!

  9. You hate her yet you write about her. says:

    Love her Or hate her she will always be around. Even the haters keep her around because they keep writing about her. She has it all and you need to stop hating !!!!!

  10. Tug says:

    Well, I have to agree I cannot stand the way she sings either. her singing is very annoying.

  11. annonnymus typer says:

    wow. weak you guys. wasting precious time arguing about someone who already passed the entire ordeal of fame and given up not so long ago.

  12. Shabnam says:

    We are no one to talk about how she looks like .But I hate her because she dresses very badly. She exposes a lot which is very bad. She could do dat, but in her house. When it comes to public areas she should atleast dress decently.

  13. Tom says:

    Hahah you guys are fu**ing retards! this is what you have to say about someone who is struggling to satisfy her kids, tabloids and pretty much all of america! yea so what she can’t sing ANYMORE! at one time she was able to! ugh you guys sicken me! if ur able to talk trash like tht about someone you must be awesome! which I doubt I’m sure all of you are single and never graduated highschool! by the way say hi to ur mother which I’m sure most of you still live with! tata!

  14. Naomi says:

    omg you need get a life ! you just jealouse Britney Spears is garjuss and has gorjus eyes to so back off!

  15. Ryann says:

    Why Do You Care So Much To Write All This Sh** Anyway???

  16. faerie says:

    Its ridiculous to hate a person based on these reasons.
    You should meet someone first before you decide that you feel so strongly against them.
    Has she ever hurt you?
    Has she ever done anything to you?
    You may not like the fact that she has had this effect on the world but that is not in your control.
    You can be upset that someone who doesn’t deserve to be praised is but I don’t see any reason to hate her.
    I am not a fan of her music and far from liking her, but I don’t dislike her nor do I hate her.

  17. tishha bitchezz says:

    Britney is amazing. she does not copy off of Christina. they are different so how is that possible. & Britney came out before Christina. I like Christina too & she does have a way better voice. but Britney makes better music. that’s why she sold so many more albums & is still around making great music. and she is also beautiful. don’t be jealous.

  18. Riaaa says:

    For everyone who read this and criticized the author..YOUR ALL FU**ING STUPID..If ANYONE thinks that Britney Spears is talented in any musical way, you shouldn’t even be alive. Ask great respected musican what they think of her… It is NOT possible for anyone with any knowledge of music , to think that she is musically talented in anyway shape or form. Your all idiots who know nothing about music so just shut the fu** up please! Britney doesn’t make music for one, it is all made for her. And second, that music is NOT better than Christinas music. She is FAR FAR FAR from perfect!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??


    ARRON: your perfect image that you see of her is called MAKEUP and PHOTOSHOP!!! she is not perfect, Most people I know are better looking and more talented than here. You know why I say that?? BECAUSE its not that hard to be better than her in anyway. Its stupid people like you , who consume the image and music and actually think that its really how she is. You think she can sing? really? really? listen to some mic inputs from some of her shows and listen…. PLEASE!! every show that she does, there is a CD playing!!! she is lip syncing dude!!! shut your stupid mouth unless you know what your saying. You make yourself sound like an idiot.

    Im not saying I hate her… I’m saying I’m fu**ing sick of her. Why should I have to listen to her every day in MY car?? Ill tell you why : because of all of you stupid children and untalented un educated “adults” you buy into whatever society tells you is cool and that is SH**! Take some music classes why don’t you?? There are such better more talented artists out there.

    AS long as she is out there, people will continue to say what they think. Ive said what is the truth for anyone, only stupid people can’t and don’t understand that.

  19. Mel says:

    It’s funny how her stupid fans are leaving comments saying you can’t hate a person just because of her personality and looks; or the other stupid idiot saying your article is poorly written. Personality is what actually guides you to like or dislike a person. Looks, we all know that bitch is ugly but acts like she’s the hottest girl in America. So these a**holes can just STFU since I didn’t find anything wrong with your article. :D

  20. muse says:

    take a look at this! If you ever wanted to punch Britney Spears!


  21. Vanessa says:

    First of all, you are all sad. Britney Spears is certainly not ugly. And if she is to you, then who cares? it shows you’re low and only care about looks. Britney Spears has sold over 120 million albums worldwide. I don’t understand how 120 million albums worldwide = not good at singing. Hmm, you guys are idiotic fu**ing idiots. You think you guys are so cool and smart to criticize someone so much bigger than you and you are just sad ass losers who probably have nothing. Get a life! You are all pathetic losers. I pity you. You are lifeless and you spend your days crying that Britney Spears is the better person!!!!!

  22. puku says:

    Whatever guys, have read all the comments above, everyone has their own opinion, I don’t care if you hate her, you have your own choice to like her or not. If you don’t, so that’s fine, that’s what you think but other people may not think like that! and showing some disrespectful thoughts like this is just so stupid! why don’t you spend your time in something more helpful or useful than writing this sh**?

  23. IMHO says:

    I don’t hate Britney Spears, because… it wouldn’t be fair. It isn’t fair to hate people for their stupidness, ugliness, really bad singing or liability.

  24. u says:

    Her voice and stigma is very influential. She is craziest artist I’ve ever seen.

  25. u says:

    watch Britney & Kevin : Chaotic MO black security was great guy. Too bad she sack him. He recognize Kevin is such a jerk. Maybe he was secu to tell reporters to seek medical attention.

  26. john says:

    ah I’m going crazy…what the hell are you writing? “Britney makes better music”–>
    1, 2, 3
    Peter, Paul & Mary
    Gettin’ down with 3P
    Everybody loves ooh
    honestly Britney’s fan are the DUMBEST people on earth. She CAN’T SING! I admit she had a good body but now is just ok. And stop commenting about her sales. Britney is like American movies. They are sh** but they hit n.1 on box office

  27. anti says:

    I hate Britney! She is stupid whore! Fu** you Britney – Sh**ney!!!

  28. random person says:

    Wow who ever hates her is just jealous that she looks better than you. It’s kinda funny but really sad =P

  29. Charl says:

    She’s just plain pathetic.
    She is wasting her life and energy in things that
    are not important. Pick up a book and read, get
    a little insight, get a little knowledge. Please
    the more you continue to do this the worse off you are going to be. I have never liked her, I certainly never
    will, simple.

  30. Jacqueline Mcleod says:

    Lord have mercy

  31. tony says:

    whoever wrote this needs to get a life. seriously why are you bashing somebody you have never even met. I love this girl. I’m not saying she is the best singer, but I think she is a great person. whoever thinks she is not pretty either has low self esteem and needs to bash other people to make themselves feel better or needs to get glasses. Britney is gorgeous. she is an AMAZING performer and entertainer. all the haters need to get a life. seriously, why spend your time talking about someone you hate. I know why because you are losers, duh. Britney rocks and I will love her 4ever. Luv you Britney!

  32. britfan says:


  33. Nicki says:

    im sure Britneys really worried about what some sad fat bastards are saying. Shes probably crying all the way to the bank. Your all sad c**ts get a life

  34. Andrew says:

    fu** who wrote this. ITS CALLED JEALOUSY MOTHER FU**ER. you are just jealous cause she is the BIGGEST SELLING ARTIST OF THE DECADE AND THE QUEEN OF POP.

  35. Adam says:

    Whoever wrote this is one jelous person!!
    She got a record deal at 15 and I don’t think they knew how she was going to be by the age of 20-28! She got that deal because she talented!! She has a beautiful voice and she is an amazing dancer and overall performer!! Her body is one of the best, I am taking its a woman who wrote this, its just pure jelousy! Her face is beautiful! And I am also taking that whoever wrote this is Christina Aguilera fan!! Christina has always been stood in the shadow of Britney!! Britney has sold so many more records than Christina, had more number #1’s than her and overall more succesfull!! I pity all of you haters!! She’s the famous person ont he planet!!! And the sooner all you haters come to terms that she is the biggest star on the planet and so talented and beautiful the better!!!

  36. MISSY D says:


  37. MISSY D says:


  38. Nunya says:

    obviously you like her, seeing how you spent time out of your day to write a full article about her.

  39. mark nyc says:

    I really don’t care how the article is written I am simply here because I DO NOT LIKE Britney Spears as an artist. ( I don’t know her personally) but she has no talent.. can’t sing, can’t preform.. she is the biggest hoax since Milli Vanilli! — New York City.

  40. xoxothatsmexoxo says:

    totally agree!…in a way. To me, Britney is a whore and doesn’t deserve to make the millions of dollars she still makes today. But obviously people like her “fixed” voice enough to buy all her albums. she’s been struggling, and for how hard she’s trying, I respect that. but she shouldn’t of got in that druggy mess in the first place

  41. F**K Celebrity Gossip says:

    Honestly I’ve never believed Britney Spears to have much talent but damn she’s human and that sh** is harsh, no one’s perfect especially not you so who are you to judge. You may hate her for whatever reason but keep it to yourself because the fact that you’re not only insulting her but also her fans and posting it online makes you the immature one, so shut up and go away.

  42. Ehhh... says:

    Eh, right. I ain’t no fan of her, but what you wrote is pretty harsh.

  43. hope says:

    WOW!!!!writing this was a huge waste of time,Britney spears is the most beautiful artist I’ve ever seen or heard. Sounds to me like your just jealous of her success. Your probably one of those ugly wannabes get a life and stop hating!!! NEWS FLASH- Christina has the most outrageously annoying voice ever, its not singing its yelling!!! haha don’t get me wrong I like Christina, but Britney has WAY more talent
    so get over it stupid tard!!

  44. Jason Michael says:

    You just made absolutely no sense at all!! She has a lot of talent , and obviously your just a fat,lazy,ugly slob who could never keep up with her anyways. Just because you were born ugly (I know who you are) doesn’t mean you should take it out on pretty talented people …And by saying Britney fans have no life… pretty sure you writing a blog on someone you “dislike so much” just proves you have absolutely no life… so go on the internet check out all the girls you will never look like, and go ahead and write a blog about them…loser

  45. Max says:

    Seriously all the haters are just jealous of her. They are jealous she’s more famous, pretty and talented.

    Talent: I personally don’t think you are more talented than Britney. I bet you sing like a freaking cat.

    Looks: I don’t see you got voted as TOP 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OF ALL TIME!!

    Body: you’re just jealous, fatty!

    Personality: your not that wise either for writing these kind of sh**

    Fans: obviously she’s more famous than you no-life hater.

    so the conclusion, back off haters..!

  46. me says:

    For the people who are saying the guy who wrote this article has no life. Well, why are you even fu**ing reading it then, liar. Besides just because he said she had no talent, no good looks, and awful personality, ets doesn’t mean he jealous stupids.

    Why would he any way? He just pointing out facts, get over it. Some people, and I’m one of them, think she sucks. And you stupid Brit fan need to get the fu** over it. Some people, unlike you, are going to be able to look thru her and see her fakeness and hate her.

    Deal with it

  47. natalie says:

    The person who wrote this seriously has no life. Do you think she cares what you write. Hell even I didn’t bother to read what you wrote. Let the girl live her life, she got famous by working hard.
    The reason she became a star is:
    she can sing(she recently proved that she still can)
    she can dance
    she is beautiful
    she has her own style
    she is nice

  48. Sarah says:

    I know I shouldn’t acknowledge your stupidity but I just need to get one of the many lies you wrote sorted out. Britney Spears has never ever had plastic surgery done on her body or face. It just goes to show how naive you are to believe anything people say about celebrities. Especially They don’t know sh** about plastic surgery any small change in someone’s face means surgery.
    First of all, noses get more defined as you get older and that is exactly what happened to Britney’s nose, which is beautiful by the way.
    Second of all, Britney has not had breast implants. People say her breasts increased and decreased through out the beginning of her career which is not possible because she must have been in the limelight non stop at that time and a surgery would have been very obvious to the public. So unless she didn’t take at least 6 months off for “every surgery” I highly doubt she had any at all. I studied a lot of pictures of her in a bikini to see if she ever had surgery but no scar is visible. It is also very dangerous to continuously tamper with surgical incisions. Now, has anyone here ever considered that Britney was stuffing her bra like any normal teenage girl? The times where her breasts looked very large she was wearing turtle necks or shirts that were covering her chest and when she wore revealing outfits they looked really small.
    Final analysis: Britney Spears has not had any plastic surgery done to her face nor her body.
    Source: I’m a plastic surgeon ;)

  49. Lynn says:

    Are you serious?
    Ok to all those who are saying she isn’t talented, just watch this:
    She was only 9, she had such a powerful voice. Her voice changed because of her label (producers and whatnot), they taught her how to sing in a sexy way with breathy vocals, Britney USED TO SING FROM DEEP IN HER DIAPHRAGM WHICH SAVES THE THROAT.
    She obviously doesn’t do that anymore, it ruined her voice but that doesn’t take away the talent, her love & passion for music.

    And when it comes to the looks, you guys are jealous, everyone knows she’s a beautiful woman. People like you don’t know what they’re talking about and need to stop being jealous, seriously.

  50. Lucy says:

    ok first of all LOL yur an idiot, her talent is amazing otherwise um HELLO she wouldn’t be so popular and she wouldn’t have sold over $120 million albums. sencond of all, looks, you have to be kidding me she’s beautiful, I’m thinkin that you must not look that great and because of that you have to put someone gorguz down to make you feel better, and last of all HER BODY ROCKS, if this isn’t jealously you obviously have a screw loose

  51. Lucy says:

    you know how much I was pissing myself laughing while I was reading your article because of how much of a brain dead twerp you sounded like

  52. Lucy says:

    oh and just lettin you know that there are more people that dis-like yur article then people who do like it so….FAIL! :D

  53. Sarah says:

    Honestly Britney is beautiful. No matter what she does, shaves her head, gains weight, get large amounts of pimples. She’s a beautiful girl and nothing can really change that. I actually find it funny when people hate on her, because that obviously shows they have no life. And for the girls that hate on her, I can almost bet my life that she is better looking then minimum 80 to 85 percent of you. Cause the good looking girls don’t care, while the bad looking girls hate bcause there jelous. And, obviously the guys are 14 years old cause if not their obviously losers. Hating on a girl you could never get in your lifetime. LMAO!

  54. antoine says:

    fu**ing hater
    you write all that just to say you don’t like her
    in reality ur jealous gay

  55. benn says:

    Britney Spears is not musically talented? Shes written a few of her biggest hits, Everytime, Meagainst the music etc. She obviously CAN sing because A) she would NEVER have gotten a record contract and had a record label put so much money into her, if she couldn’t actually sing and b) there are videos of her singing live and do not sound bad. Fair point, she hasn’t remotely got the strongest voice such as Christina, but that doesn’t mean she CAN’T sing. Aswell as her being ‘ugly’. Seriously? Are you blind, she’s stunning. Tone deaf fans? Clearly you are tone deaf, because her songs ARE in tune. Learn to write a proper article…

  56. Amelia says:


  57. Dean says:

    this article is pathetic. an artist who can sell over 100 million records does have some talent. YouTube ‘Britney sings acapella’, he actually has a nice singing voice. and to the author: stop hating cause you’re obsese and ugly. sex sells, its entertainment, people don’t want to watch a nun on stage. peace out bitch

  58. Dean says:

    SHE actually got a nice voice, mothafu**er

  59. Jay says:

    What a stupid post full of things that aren’t even backed up. Get your facts straight before you try and bring down an Icon. You’re just jealous, clearly.

  60. sekreto says:

    I hate her because she hypnotized me that I will be become an boy version of songs baby one more time it talks bout my life my family hates me for singing career because ill never become like her all things should be blame,,,heheheh I was little boy in that time next bout baby one more time Britney is teenagers attitude now rebellious,sexual fast,sexually addict,lazy,contented in life why???i asked the philosopher bout that songs in 1998 before 2000 I shock bout it!!!ill be back next week I hope you having your comments dudes………,

  61. Rich says:

    you guys are quite intelligent. So intelligent that we just used your writing as an example as sh***y writing in our English class. but please don’t think any less of yourselves.

  62. College Student says:

    “This post is to show you the worst possible Ad Hominem argument in the history of the world.” -Anonymous English Professor At an accredited University in the United States

  63. V says:

    Taste in music is purely subjective. Music is universal. If YOU weren’t a narrow-minded child yourself, you would realize that. How people can hate someone they don’t even know is beyond me? & I would LOVE to see how good looking and talented you are… :)

  64. KK says:

    First I am a huge fan of Britney, you’re a jealous nasty person who grudges my bitch for her beauty,sexy body and voice you need to get you facts straight time waster I can know that your a nerd only nerd waste time picking on celebs

  65. Bri says:

    Personally, after watching the documentary..I think she’s an alright person. But, I think as far as singing goes, there is NO talent.

  66. Giorgio says:

    well , I LOVE BRITNEY
    I’ve once met her
    i love her !!
    And do you ever realized t
    hat every single thing on Earth could be POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ..! well it depend on the person …
    anyway I’m her biggest fan !! and you jerks
    don’t like her , don’t talk about her behind her back .
    she’s a person after all . OH and by the way check out her new album in March 2011
    it will be so fantastic ….
    And the last Thing : I HATE PEOPLE WHO LIE -_- SERIOUSLY (s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y) and every person has something good ;) at least
    Britney has 90 % of her good !!
    so don’t talk to her behind her back … THANKS :D

  67. Marquez Jerel says:

    whoever posted this is a true idiot haha. First off. Britney has a great voice. She adds her own style in there and I’m sorry I’ve seen singers who are “suppose” to be better singers then her sing her songs and didn’t do near as good as her. Me being her fan doesn’t make me tone deaf. I’m working at being a singer n Britney is one of my biggest influences and I’m proud of that. Also that homosexual and kids comment you made was so tacky. second. Everyone knows Britney has never had surgery so that’s ridiculous. N if sum day she wants something done that’s really her business not ours so who cares. She has a great body n beautiful face and you are either a dude pissed knowing you’ll never hit that or a chick that is so obviously jealous. Third. Do you know her personally? Who are you to judge her personality when you obviously have jealousy issues n a hating personality. Whats wrong with being goofy and making faces? That is so trashy of you to call someone dumb. You don’t know how smart she is and I have a hard time learning so you are gonna call me dumb?

  68. lm says:

    personally, I think Britney is pretty.. well, that’s me.. I find her interesting..

  69. celerystalker19 says:

    Dude, you just contradicted yourself. First you slam her for having surgery, then you slam her for her looks. And besides, I like her music as a guilty pleasure, and I’m definitely not tone deaf; I play 3 instruments. Please go look up what tone deaf actually means before you use it. No offense is intended.

    And she is rather pretty, but your opinion is your opinion, so *shrug*. I highly doubt she’s had surgery. Where do you get your facts from? Tabloids? Again, no offense intended; I’m just wondering. I find it stupid to slam people for their looks. It’s not like they can help it…Why judge them for it?

  70. LOL says:

    LOL, seriously? Agreeing that compared to the past, her voice got lots of electronic mash up with it now, she is not as sexy as before and all that… But you know why she stayed long?

    Being a media icon doesn’t mean you have to sing, to dance or what, it’s about being an ENTERTAINMENT to the public! So, many GAZILLION singers may be better than her singing voice, but it’s the way she entertains that gets fans coming.

    Being a media icon is not being a moral icon, so please don’t get confused within the two. She is meant to ENTERTAIN and not PRAY AND GO TO CHURCH!

    If she has quite lost her hotness rating over the years and many people are dazed why she is still famous it is because of the way she hit those people in her generation. She became a legendary icon to them, and as long as this “icon” exist, no matter what shape it is now, it is still the icon those people look up to in the past, hence it is hard for her to die, compared to other more talented singers, they just didn’t leave that of a mark she has.

    Hence the reason she is still famous. What I don’t get about this post is, sure there are a lot of things I may not like about a singer, but I wouldn’t really care enough to make a blog or something (just like how Justin Bieber is being perceive now, I don’t get the big deal of hate with celebrities climbing fame in the instant).

    There must be something hidden in this hate of yours for it to be actually this deep about someone you don’t even know? If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to listen or search about it.

  71. People are People says:

    She’s human, deal with it.
    You may call it luck,
    then just wish you get luckier in life then.

  72. Ur mean says:

    Wow you don’t even know who she is and you write about her???? I think you are just jealous.

  73. Andressa says:

    Talent and Britney should not be in the same sentence! :)

  74. Freja says:

    I L O V E Your Post
    She is the dumbest of all “pop-icons”
    She’s pathetic and she NEEDS guidance and when left to her own devices she shaves her head and goes crazy ^) There are just TOO many people who make money on her and don’t want her to leave the stage! They all use the dummy
    Besides her eyes have lost fire a long time ago – she looks like she’s bored in videos and that’s really annoying

  75. Rock n' Roll girl says:

    Finally someone that sees through things. Actually she is struggling to maintain sanity but she’s the one who was greedy for money in the first, I’ve only listened t a few songs that I would like to call to myself ( as my opinion this isn’t something she should read and weep about but I am entitled with my constructive criticism and as an artist she was willingful to accept it so there ) her songs are one time singles that I got bored f very quickly they are just very catchy and sometimes have good rhythm that’s all. And frankly , I don’t like her selling her dignity, nor am I jealous of her, there is nothing that she has that I would wish I would have. And she works way too much on her body .

  76. jen says:

    you fu**in’ loser…how dare you say these stuff to Britney? Everything is just non-sense and are words of jealousy!!!!!!!…

  77. Mel says:

    To Jen, Tony, and Random Whatever: If you don’t like it, then why are you reading it, You need to get a life!!!!!
    I mean get f**kin real! Stop saying this author is jealous because he/she is not! Grow up! How about you motherf**kers, have you ever hated a celeb? I’m pretty sure you did, f**kin hypocrites! I bet you you are bigger f**kin losers than this author! Go f**k off! I do like some of Britney songs, not all, and no she is not ugly, she is pretty and a good performer, but yes, I hate her personality-she is not sweet; she is a f**king a**hole and so is J-lo!
    And I hope someone one day would yell it out in her damn face! Christina, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and others are so much more down-to-earth than that snotty b**ch-I have a strong feeling Lady Gaga will soon take her place for queen of pop-give it some more time because she just popped out. Mostly everyone likes her; she’s a unique artist and performer. Lady Gaga brings controversy in a positive/funny way-the way no other artist has done in the past 25 years. If you and your Brit-Sh*t can say whatever she wants and hurt other people because she’s famous, which is evil! than so can the haters. FREEDOM OF SPEECH BABES-KISS THE HATERS A**!!! Whoever wrote this, Congratulations! I thought I was alone. Spread the word and don’t listen to these obsessed hypocritical jerks. And by the way, you guys can’t write either. Take an ESL class dummies!

  78. Ícaro says:

    She is a Bitch

  79. Danny Pedro says:

    Ya know its pretty sad that she is famous. She really doesn’t have talent.

  80. Mike says:

    She sucks. I have no idea why so many straight men still consider her to be the top female sex symbol. I’m a straight guy and I never saw her as any sort of beauty. Even when she was younger. I thought she was cute, but nowhere near as “gorgeous” as so many people made her out to be. Want “gorgeous”??? Check out Angelina Jolie, or Scarlett Johansson, or Megan Fox, or Natalie Portman. All those women wipe the floor with Britney.

  81. danny polo says:

    Mike, you’re obviously not straight, because every straight man knows Britney is the sexiest woman in the world. She’s been the sexiest woman in the world for the past ten years, and nothing is ever going to change that. Scarlett, Angelina, Natalie and Megan can only wish to be as gorgeous as Britney.

  82. Maggie says:

    I have no idea why everyone still raves about this woman! There are so many other women out there who are sexy, beautiful, classy, talented, strong, smart…Britney is crap and is about as “classy” as a toilet plunger!

  83. MusicLover99 says:

    I think Britney Spears used to be beautiful, but her looks have really gone down the drain. Britney Spears circa 1998 to early 2001, (pre slave 4 U, such a slutty song that was, ugh) was amazing, and that Britney Spears will always be engraved on my mind and conscious. Britney Spears during her …Baby one more time and Oops I did it Again albums was fantastic! I loved her when she had her virginal image, and had more honey blonde hair, (suits her much, much better than that awful, bleached out hay hair she has now)was fit and athletic, and had a bronzed and healthy tan to boot.
    Now she isn’t quite as pretty. I admit she was gorgeous till her 4th album, in the zone, but I don’t like that slutty image she had, and still has, now. And I miss her being the Princess of Pop, (sorry, I prefer Britney, but lets face it, Madonna will always be the Queen of pop, at least for a long time coming, and nothing can change that. Plus, Madonna’s more well-grounded than Britney, too) and when there used to be TRL, and Britney had great hits that made you want to dance, like …Baby one more time, Sometimes, (You) Drive me Crazy, Born to Make You Happy, From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, Oops I did it Again, Lucky, Stronger, and Don’t let me be the last to know. Well. lots of people will crucify me for this, but I prefer a lot of mid to late 90’s bubblegum pop in general, ha ha. Like BSB, Nsync, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Brandy, Spice Girls, Jessica Simpson, and, of course, Miss Britney Spears. She was the queen of 90’s teen pop, that’s for sure. There’s no denying that. And the moves she used to break out into.

    She’s a sucky dancer now (sorry Britney fans, but it’s true. Just look at the article about Britney’s dance coach doing most of her moves for her in Till the World ends. There was even a screen cap of it in Hello, with a Britney look-a-like caught in-between takes. There’s the time she sang at the Grammys too, ugh. Such uninspired dancing.)too, but just look at Britney’s back flip in …Baby one more time, and try to tell me she wasn’t a good dancer, all people that says she sucks. And no stunt doubles then, either! Amazing! I could only dream of dancing like she did back then!

    And I remember all of us teen girls, as well as some preteens and young girls, wanted to be just like her in the late 90’s, and every guy wanted to have her. She was a teen pop sensation, as well as an American dream. Every music mogul then wanted a slice of Britney. Too bad her producers later took her on the slutty road, but, oh well. She brought most of her later problems upon herself, though. She should have never, ever married K-fed like she did. That was what let her down ultimately in the end. Poor Britney, so in love with Justin Timberlake, her hot Nsync member boyfriend before that, and now reduced to what she is today. It’s very, very sad, actually. And she had such a sweet, nice personality before, too. Such a sweetheart! I think she’s still essentially a nice person, but just very troubled, and doesn’t quite shine like she used to. Adds years onto her face, poor gal. So haggard these days.

    But the way the paparazzi chased her consistently was just not on. Ok, that’s apart of the job, but those paps really went way out on Brit Brit, and Britney did not deserve that. She’s only a human, and makes mistakes, like you and me, and she should be left to breathe, and live her life as normal as an incredibly famous superstar could hope to. But still, I have to admit, I don’t like her new album so much, but at least it’s a huge improvement from Black out. That was not a good phase in Britney’s life, circa late 2006-early 2008. I hope Britney continues improving.

    God bless you Britney. Just be who you are, and try your best. That’s all your fans expect of you. If you want to make more albums, do it if it makes you happy, and if you want to retire, that’s fine too. God bless your sons. They are precious. I hope you win more visitation rights. Kisses.

  84. MusicLover99 says:

    P.s: Britney should also go back to having hot, buff guys, (not too buff though, ha ha) like she had in her song Don’t let me be the last to know. Big, ugly, fat guys like in her latest video I Wanna go, with the guy pouring milk from a milk carton on himself,is another good example of Britney’s decline from before, unlike guys from Don’t let me be the last to know, mmm, yummy. And the guy in I wanna go is…..yuck! Come on Brit Brit! You can choose better guys for your videos than that! The guy was even wearing a stupid crown that looked like it cam from McDonald’s at the beginning of the vid, for goodness sake! And the video itself was super random, with people turning into robots, Britney answering all those random questions at the beginning of the video, (like the Brad Pitt question. He hasn’t been hot for years, yuck!) and Britney flashing a young boy (so not on).

    So, yeah, ha ha.

  85. Joshua says:

    I think Britney is PATHETIC!!! She has no talent and is basically just a product made to sell records. Why else would she have to resort to the crap she pulls?! To sell records and so people will keep talking about her. Now, she’s so scared of loosing her “sex appeal” that she’s wrapping her legs around random men during her concerts. How gross and declasse’!

  86. Michel Grobankoff says:

    I hate Britney Spears because she’s not a good role model for my kids and very horny musician. Alas, she couldn’t sing.

  87. Elvin says:

    Britney’s beautiful. You’re all just jealous because she’s the most famous person in the world and you aren’t.

  88. Duffy says:

    Britney USED TO BE “beautiful”. Now, she’s cute, but nowhere near “beautiful”. And as far as her being “the most famous person in the world”, well…Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, the late Michael Jackson, Snooki…just sayin’.

  89. Joey says:

    I just saw Brit-Brit on the VMA show and she looked stoned off her butt. Katy Perry is so much hotter. At least Brit didn’t lower herself to making out with Lady Gaga, oops! I meant Lady CACA!! What an embarrassment she was. I do give Brit props for not kissing that freak show. As far as Brit’s looks go, she’s cute, but I’ve seen better.

  90. kittykat says:

    I am so sick of everyone saying she’s better, because she obviously isn’t. first off, she cannot dance like she used to. secondly, she still looks like crap rolled over twice. and third, she’s still up to her old crotch-flashing tricks. just read about her flashing her coochie at some event in the UK. and everyone goes on and on about her being this goddess. she WAS a goddess a long, long time ago. now, after seeing her at this event in the UK, she looks like the stay-puff marshmallow man.

  91. Austin Li says:

    She’s a WHORE!!! She Produces SLUTTY GIRLS everyday

  92. Jozef says:

    Firstly : Britney is amazing
    Secondly: You said that people who like her has a no life hmm you my darling have a low life get a life i know u r a Christina fan look at Christina now she is a fu**ing fat ugly bitch you are just jealous


  93. Giorgio says:

    it’s not true that Britney’s unpretty. back in 1999-2000 she used to be one of the prettiest teenagers on earth. all the girls wanted to look like her because she was really pretty. now she’s gotten old but she still looks beautiful. even though she hasn’t got much singing talent, her first album outsold all Christina’s albums together and she has all of her 7 studio albums in the first two positions in the billboard 200. after 13 years, she’s still very famous, and she ruled the 2011 billboard music awards along with Adele. she may not be the most talented or the most intelligent, but she won’t be forgotten easily.

  94. Boran says:

    Fu** You. Britney Is Talented, Beauty and Sexy. Her Fans from all world, is want to be her. Persons which become famous like miley cyrus, kesha, katy perry, demi lovato, lady gaga, they all want to be britney and they all say britney spears that the queen of pop. Most of her fans becomes famous on the internet. Britney is an idol and you are a just yucky girl or boy but I think ur girl. Do your homeworks kid, don’t think about that silly things. Do you think this all things when you are at toilet? Yours,

  95. Boran says:

    Oops, I forget. I am a fan of her and I am reading at Conservatory at Turkey and you are a hopeless which doesn’t know the kromatik gamut of all notes and bars. So Fu** You Again.

  96. Trista says:

    ok seriously u guys are retarded she probably does all that crap because her agent says to so if u don’t like her don’t listen to her and don’t talk about her

  97. ivana says:

    She is so nice ,Beautiful, hot!!
    she is not so good singer bust she is better than some other stars!!!!
    She have fan from all world! People love her!
    She is not perfec and we know that!!
    like Trista says: if you don’t like her don’t listen to her and don’t talk about her!
    you are just jealous…

  98. Bentley says:

    Well she’s still around so your stupid comments are as useless as a traffic light in grand theft auto. She is back and better than ever. Stop hating on her. You will never have her body or her beautifulness. She is absolutely beautiful in every way. Oh well too bad you’ll never be good for anything. Go die you senseless motherfu**ers. It Britney bitch.

  99. Some1 says:

    Britney fans are so lame. They’re either pathetic wannabe sluts like her, or like Chris Crocker (whatever his name is).

  100. Alex says:

    It must suck to be a jealous person -.-

  101. Ivana says:

    if she is ugly then I father to be ugly!

  102. Pourya says:

    i guess whoever wrote this has never seen Xtina’s face without make up! i mean seriously! i’m a fan of both Brit and Xtina but let’s face it people, Xtina is not the star Britney is.
    those of u that say she is not a good performer, HAVE U EVER SEEN VMA2001 AND VMA2003? OR GRAMMY 2000?
    AND THOSE OF U WHO SAY HER VOICE IS ANNOYING, JUST have a quick look in youtube and search for her singing BEFORE her fame. HER REAL SINGING VOIVE IS ALMOST AS AWESOME AS XTINA’S.

    and BTW if u wrote this article or at least have read it, this means u care. it doesn’t matter if u hate her or lover her. AS LONG AS SHE HAS HER FANS, SHE WILL BE AROUND KICKING UR FAT ASSES!

  103. ToAllFuglyBrainlessRetards says:

    Ugly stupid fools tryin to get laid… Knowledge of music? Bull! Do u losers only listen to your “awesome” “talented” singers singing star-spangled banner out loud exaggeratedly; YEAHHHH OOOHHHH!? and can’t even get the lyrics right? Wow, can’t believe there’s so many pretentious tasteless sh**hole! It doesn’t show vocal ability but it’s sure fun to go clubbin with. But since your social life doesn’t exist plus strugglin’ to get laid in clubs, you’re just too retarded to enjoy it.
    And if you are hating somebody because of their looks (yet can’t bare looking into the mirror), you’re a worthless excuse for a human being… If Brit’s ugly, you’re probably a reptile which dismiss the whole case since you can only find your Mama, also a reptile, beautiful and it doesn’t apply the same with human beings… so find a deserted island, far from us humans, filled with your relatives and stay in peace!
    If you’re getting laid, congrats! Those boob jobs, cake makeup and yellow hair must’ve really help. Tips: Try to stay in the dark! Don’t ever turn on the light! So you can get some, even those **** are just gonna bang and run real soon!

  104. ToAllFuglyBrainlessRetards says:

    Get real, bitches! You ignorant skanks don’t even know Brit write over half of the songs. Brit sucks huh? Please, u can’t even sing for sh**!!! unless you get ’em thrown at as you’re hurting people’s ears. Christsake! You’re not even worth half of a nail dirt of her toe! A 17-year-old Brit has done great stuff for teenagers who are nowadays from doctors to actresses. You can waste your 120 years of life by tryin to do a quarter of that… I know. I know. You’re too suck to be true! You’re failures and dimwits who just like to HATE and TROLL!
    About the dressing she’s been dressing like that and performing since she was 3 years old, she’s comfortable… and she’s just not a hypocrite.

  105. It'sBritneyBitch says:

    Ya know, some Brit fans aren’t so great but haters are hell sure thousand times lamer! Such as the loser who wrote such blog… Plastic surgery? Seriously, guys? Wanna hate, at least get it right.

  106. fidan says:

    ok it s just your opinion but i think you are not right.britney has a great career that no singer in this world has.she can sing live yes sometimes she uses angry voice but she sounds like an angel she is not ugly she always was beautiful and she is going to be,i think.she is beautiful both outside and inside i have nothing againist to her she s a beaitiful lady and her fans are not going to give up one day.but i am agree with hkj.she has a lot of child fans she loves them but…….i am about her offical music videos she is in underclothes in her offical music videos and does some bad things anyway she s still amazing her songs are fantastic!i am her fan

  107. I'm not very fan of Britney, but.... says:

    You, popdrit:To hate a person for his/her look or body, is the most stupid thing that I’ve never heard. Not reason at all to hate. How could you say that stupidity????
    A person can be very nice, regardless of his/her physical.
    You’re not just a suck superficial; you’re an complete ignorant!
    I’m sorry, but I think that, in your opinion, there’re only 2 points reasonables: Personality and talent (maybe this last not much). The others aren’t reason to hate a person, at all.

    And I’m not fan of her!!

  108. BritneyChristinaRihanna98 says:

    I think people are just simply jealous of her! She’s funny, entertaining, pretty, interesting and AMAZING! If she was talent less she wouldn’t have a Hollywood walk of fame, a record deal, TRUE fans, and popularity. She had the worlds strongest voice as a child and i think her voice is still beautiful. She’s not the best of singers but so what? i can name plenty of others who are worse!. She’s still an icon. She’s living proof that nobody is perfect and i LOVE her for that! Shes such a HUGE inspiration to me!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

  109. dumbritney says:

    Its possible to find reasons for not liking her, I prefer to just say:
    She’s just a dumb bitch (as many others, but she keeps provoking with her obsession to constitute herself in public)

    Do me and the human kind a favor and shut up.

  110. HAHAHAHAHAHA says:

    You’re all such bitter people, oh my god. She is rich and couldn’t give less of a damn about nobodies like you! Hahahah. The fact that you only find singers who scream and screech good says a lot about you, you followers!

  111. haha says:

    Britney ugly?!? Then god knows what u look like

  112. Britney Sucks says:

    Top Ten
    1) Lip synching and autotune Zombie, can we say NO Talent?
    2) Every picture I see of her with her mouth hanging open with a piece of gum inside makes me want to vomit. Low class hillbilly.
    3) Her dancing: she’s a bad Vegas act and hope she stays there
    4)She makes me miss the days when Gay men had taste in music
    5) Is she ever without a dude? Quite pathetic when she belongs in a mental hospital
    6) She’s a horrible mother, enough said
    7)She sounds like an idiot during interviews because she is one.
    8) Her lame fans call us haters but we are as sick of her as the Kardashians and media wants to cram her down our throats.
    9)The most interesting thing she’s done is shave her head.
    10)She’s more gross than a stripper except she doesn’t have the body or the talent.

  113. Yo Mama says:

    If she wasn’t made famous by disney. She would be a drug ridden stripper in LA!

  114. A_gay_person says:

    Okay before you guys go all sh** lord (bit to late but.. ) on me, I am not a fan of Britney Spears. However I am NOT like the rest of y’all. I don’t like Britney’s music and that’s it.

    Her looks aren’t the greatest as how she looked when she began, but she is still beautiful. You guys are just stupid if you can’t see that.

    I am NOT getting into this sh**

    Like I said in the beginning, I’m not a fan of her music. To me it’s just not my type. I respect anyone who likes her music, unlike you motherfu***rs, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

    Your message
    Your message is irrelevant and so are you views on homosexuals. Since when and where did we ask for your opinion? I mean, I have looked everywhere. Let people love..

    Fu** you, you homophobic pieces of sh**s,

  115. Raven says:


  116. Raven says:

    And I’m not a fan I’m just upset about this

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