Rebecca Loos ‘Cheated’ On Becks With Lesbian Lover

The Sunday Mirror spoke with TV presenter Emma Basden, 32, who revealed that while Rebecca Loos had an affair with Victoria Beckham’s husband David, she was also involved in a long-term lesbian relationship with Loos.

“Rebecca was seeing me at the same time that she was seeing David,” Basden said. “She confided in me about her affair with Beckham – but that didn’t change anything between us.”

Emma and Rebecca are as close as ever, despite the scandal. Emma added: “Rebecca doesn’t expect sympathy from Victoria, obviously not – she must be feeling very hurt, and wishes her no harm whatsoever. She took everything that Victoria has said on the chin, and frankly who wouldn’t if you had just slept with her husband? But now it’s time for everyone to move on and we wish the Beckhams every success in their marriage.”

Beckham Vows To Quit Spain For Next Season

The Sunday Mirror reports David Beckham has promised former Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham he will be back in the English Premiership by the start of the new season. “Although he has loved playing football for Real, David has promised Victoria he will be back in the Premiership by the start of the new season,” a close family friend explained. “He knows it’s the best way to keep his marriage together – and that is what he wants more than anything in the world. He now wants all the fuss to die down – to try and get back to some kind of normality.”

Did Becks Cheat On Posh: Britain Decides

YouGov conducted a poll of 2,200 people in Britain for their opinion on whether David Beckham had cheated on his former Spice Girls wife Victoria Bekcham. The poll showed 42% felt he had, while 13% believed he didn’t, and 44% didn’t know or hadn’t yet made up their minds. When asked to break down the cheating, 39% thought he cheated with Rebecca Loos, 13% thought he didn’t, and 48% were undecided. As for Sarah Marbeck, 16% said he cheated, 23% said he didn’t, and 61% were undecided.

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