Rebecca Loos Gets Death Threat

News of the World reports that the woman alleging an affair with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s husband David has has received chilling death threats. “Somebody called and told me there was a price on my head. Then someone hung a dead bloody animal outside my parents’ home,” Rebecca Loos revealed. “And my car has been moved during the night so it’s blocking the drive. I don’t know who is behind it. They may be Real Madrid fanatics. My parents are worried for me and I’m covering my back whenever I’m in Spain.”

Becks To Throw Posh An ‘I’m Sorry’ Bash

Victoria Beckham’s husband David is splashing out $90,000 on a champagne party today to say sorry to the former Spice Girl after her devastation of allegations that Becks has had affairs with three women.

“Victoria has been through the mill,” a friend told The People. “The party is David’s way of apologizing and a big thank-you present to show he still cares and wants them to stay together. David really wants to make it a special occasion for her. No expense has been spared.”

Posh And Becks Attend Pérez Funeral In Madrid

Former Spice Girl and her husband David attended the funeral of Soledad Rodríguez Pérez, mother of the Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Pérez. After being criticized by British tabloids because David Beckham was alone in Spain, Victoria is spending several days in Madrid and they both have appeared more often together with their children as a happy family. The entire Real Madrid staff and their wives also were present at the funeral to express their condolences to the Pérez family on Wednesday (April 28).

Posh And Becks Shop In Madrid

After having a light lunch, former Spice Girl and hubby David were photographed shopping at the Dolce & Gabanna shop in Madrid and bought many things. Allegations about David’s infidelity didn’t seem to mind them, as they were very close putting their hands on each other’s bottoms.

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One thought on “Rebecca Loos Gets Death Threat

  1. popmaster167 says:

    that sounds very freaky. Well there are consequences for your actions,making such allegations like that against a high profile star like Beckham is risky business. But I wouldn’t want anything bad happening to her either.

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