Rebecca Loos: Posh Has Had Three Boob Jobs

Rebecca Loos claims former Spice Girl told her that she’s had three boob jobs. “They’re fake and that’s from the lady hersel,” the woman behind the alleged affair with Posh’s hubby David revealed to Loaded magazine. “She told me she’s had them done three times. She kept changing them as she wasn’t happy. At first they were too big, then too small. But she’s happy now.” Read more.

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3 thoughts on “Rebecca Loos: Posh Has Had Three Boob Jobs

  1. pdisfullofidiots says:

    at least she hasn’t had an alleged affair with a man with three kids. who’s seriously gonna believe what she claims now? Rebecca Loos is one of Victoria’s fake boobs. and I don’t even care about the stupid spice girl.

    Although she clearly is a walking mummy, her skin is stretched so tight she probably can’t even sit down right. I’m surprised you can’t see through it yet. i.e. michael’s translucent face without holding a flashlight up to it. either way, they’re both ugly

  2. bsg1hbk says:

    That Loos is a bloody cow you’d think shed have some sense of class and leave the becks alone.

  3. Andre says:

    What!!??? Is this Rebecca idiot still alive??? Is she looking for 1 minute of fame again? They may look fake but I would still touch them!

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