Regina Spektor: That’s Not Me On Twitter

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@reginaspektor) on Tuesday (May 19), talking about an imposter on Twitter (the account has since been suspended). The singer songwriter tells readers:

I found out that there has been a mystery person posing as me on twitter for a while. A long while. And that person has quite a following. A whole lot of people. Even my record label thought it was me. And it made it into the London Times top twitters list. Somehow I had no idea. And I’ve never twittered yet, in my life, so it feels very weird. Like my identity has been stolen, or at least borrowed.

So, I just wanted to pass that on. Whoever is the other me on twitter is quite good at it, so I hope now that they get the chance to stop pretending, they will use their talents of writing and blogging in some other cool new way. Anyhow, I’m not on Facebook either, though I am aware of an “official page” there. I write my blogs on MySpace and my dad posts them up, and sometimes when I can, I post them myself.

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