Remi Nicole Gets Cisco Adler’s Help On Sophomore LP

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@reminicole1) on Wednesday (July 16), discussing what she’s been doing since the release of her 2007 debut album ‘My Conscience & I’. The British indie pop artist writes:

I took a break and went to America and met an ‘It’ boy named Cisco Adler who invited me to his house for a party, his house was like a gangster’s place in the 70’s or 80’s and I immediately felt at home (I’ve watched ‘Goodfellas’ too many times)… then I saw the studio and realized the fate of us meeting. Did I also mention that Cisco’s dad is the legendary producer and coolest man on earth Lou Adler!!! I ended up extending my trip and recording some bangers with Cisco who I soon discovered was not just an ‘It’ boy, but actually a very talented producer and amazing person. I came home and played the label the tracks we’d done and they agreed I should go back and write some more with him… I wasn’t going to complain!

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