Remi Nicole Sticks Up For Amy Winehouse

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@reminicole1) on Wednesday (August 20). The British singer songwriter tells fans:

So I’ve been in the studio the last few weeks which has been so much fun! I decided that I could play the drums all of a sudden and have been banging out the beats on all my tracks! The studio has tennis courts, a swimming pool, a gym and horses so although I haven’t used ANY of those facilities they are nice to look at!!

Had the week off this week though, thankfully as I had a very heavy weekend and am still recovering! My good friend Natalie Cowan is getting married so all the girls(and our token gay mate!!) headed down to Newquay for a proper hen including booze, strippers, booze, junk food, loads of games and more booze!!! Got back on Sunday and headed straight to where I watched my girl Amy do an amazing show!! Why did the papers slate her? That really pissed me off because she was incredible. I’ve seen her 100 times and I know not all of them have been perfect, but she was on Sunday, and it really upsets me that the press can’t just acknowledge that and promote something positive for a change.

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One thought on “Remi Nicole Sticks Up For Amy Winehouse

  1. media boy says:

    it’s crazy how easy it is for this girl to get into the news

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