Renee Cassar Hopes Your New Year’s Was Grand

Melbourne, Australia singer songwriter checked in with her MySpace friends (@reneecassar) on Thursday (January 1) with the following bulletin:

Well well well, you drunkin skunkids how’s your heads, tired, sore from falling over to many times?
Or was it a quite, lovely new years with family?

Whichever you had, however you winded up today
I hope it was grand
I hope it was momentous and gigantically stupendously ridiculous

I hope you have new year’s resolutions ready to put into action
Hope you have the will power to stick to them
I hope I have the will power to stick to mine lol

Most of all I hope this year is just good, it’s the year of the OX I’m an OX apparently.

So rock on like Donkey Kong guys wish you all a safe and good one
Do love you all
Hope you know that, yes you trust me I do love you.

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