Report: Nick And Jessica Have Already Signed Divorce Papers

Cindy Adams of The New York Post reports Monday that yet again there’s talk that and are ending their marriage. “This seemingly informed bunch says these beauties have, in fact, already hired divorce lawyers,” Adams said. “They go so far as to say that, in fact, divorce papers were already drawn up. Wait. They go an inch further. Said big ears and big mouths actually said that the papers have, in fact, actually been signed. Signed!”

Nick And Jessica Happy To Attend ‘Dukes’ Premiere Together

July 29, 2005 – Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey tell ‘Extra’ they were happy just to spend some quality time together at the premiere of Simpson’s big screen debut ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’. “We’ve both looked forward to this evening for awhile,” Lachey revealed. “It’s great to spend some time together. We have to schedule premieres so we can actually see each other, you know?”

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4 thoughts on “Report: Nick And Jessica Have Already Signed Divorce Papers

  1. ficklefan says:

    This is really getting old already, don’t you have to petition or file for divorce, so where is the proof of that?

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    no you get the papers drawn, you sign them THEN you file them and petition for divorce, they only drew them up and signed them, they haven’t been filed yet cuz once it’s stamped and the divorce is under way it becomes PUBLIC DOMAIN and anyone can get a copy of them. THIS is true, I knew about them signing the papers back in MAY first had to wait for ABC and the variety show, now that her movie is opening friday there is no real reason to wait since there is NOT going to be another variety show contrary to what joe wants people to beleive

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    These people need to seriously get a life. All this talk about them getting “divorced” is getting ridiculous and lame.

  4. manwithaplan94 says:

    I’m like whatever either they will get a divorce or they won’t the world doesn’t revolve around them geez!

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