Reporter Injured Covering Paris Hilton Paparazzi Chaos

KNBC’s Robert Kovacik talked with MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer about being hit by a black-and-white patrol car carrying to court outside the heiress’ home while trying to negotiate through the paparazzi scrum.

The video at has since been removed.

Check out the raw footage featuring some remarks from Paris’ mother Kathy at X17.

Courtney Friel On Jail Release News

June 8, 2007 – ‘The Live Desk’ had a segment on news that Paris was released from jail and will spend the rest of her sentence at her Hollywood home. Fox News entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel discussed the news.

Couldn’t Eat, Scared Of Attack, Depressed & Needy In Jail

June 8, 2007 – An insider at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood tells The Sun the details on why was released to home confinement after serving 5 days of her 23 day sentence. “Paris told prison authorities she couldn’t eat because she was so petrified,” the source said. “She told them she was terrified of being attacked by other inmates and felt seriously depressed. She was crying so much that authorities made sure doctors checked regularly upon her. It was after these checks that it was decided to release Paris and put her under house arrest.”

Steve Schirripa’s Advise For Paris Hilton

June 8, 2007 – Steve Schirripa, who plays Bobby ‘Bacala’ Baccalieri on ‘The Sopranos’, was spotted hopping into his limo on Thursday morning in New York City, where he dispensed the following advice to Paris: “Stop whoring around Paris! Behave yourself. You’re getting a second chance. Stop being a whore!” Watch the clip at

Paris Hilton Couldn’t Handle Lock-Up

June 8, 2007 – A friend of Paris tells The New York Daily News the hotel heiress wasn’t physically ill at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, but was found “mentally unfit” to remain behind bars. “She seemed like she was going bananas in jail,” the pal explained. “Paris was homesick and missed her pets.” Another added, “Paris was not eating, not sleeping, and was crying all the time. She was miserable… She couldn’t handle it. With Paris, she’s always happy. Everything is a celebration, everything is convivial. She doesn’t take bad news well – and the whole jail experience was completely overwhelming for her.” Read more.

Paris Hilton ‘Was Just Whining’ In Jail, Inmate Says

June 8, 2007 – During her 75 hour stint at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, Paris repeatedly pressed a medical-alert button, making herself a major nuisance, inmates told the New York Post. “She was just whining,” said Elana Lamb, who was released from the same jail yesterday. “She was complaining she was cold and hungry – and she didn’t even get regular food. She got officers’ dining food.” The early release ticked off inmates, who believe Hilton abused her influence. “I’ve seen girls in there with seizures,” said released inmate Cynthia Chavez, 53, who scoffed at Hilton’s medical excuse. “They have a little hospital room up there where [prisoners] get treatment.”

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