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Contributed Anonymously:

Ok, after I attacked those responsible for this site with profanity, because they allowed a disrespectful article on Nick Carter to be printed, I am much calmer now to give my “essay”…being my first and last, I promise!!!

I suppose because I am older, I do not understand the hate of certain artists and their fans that is played out on this site. I appreciate and even respect that everyone has their point of view, however, why do some of these opinions have to be SO hateful and disrespectful?!

I am not a fan of everybody’s, but I would not go to a story and be blatantly rude, knowing that others at that story would become upset.
I think it is a game that fans are playing with each other; “you said something mean about who I like, so I will say something meaner about who you like,” because this is mostly what Popdirt has become like, I have lost interest in defending those I adore, such as Nick, for it does not change anything.

Backstreet Boys and members, *NSYNC and members, Britney Spears, … and the list goes on… have all proven themselves, whether WE like them all or not…
Hence, they are constantly being talked about on this site, good or bad, which proves my point. They have ALL left their mark in the music biz and I hope& feel they will ALL continue to do so.

For the fans out there of any of those I have mentioned, keep your fan hood alive, no matter what! Carolyn aka milasmine

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