Respect To Justin Timberlake

Contributed by only_me:

People see Justin Timberlake as a hottie, some say he doesn’t deserve his fame because he used Britney Spears or *NSYNC … to get to his place. Did anyone ever made any good comment about him as a singer, as a musician?

I guess he is cute, I guess he doesn’t have the nicest girlfriend on earth, personally, I would rather he was with a younger woman, but you know what? The choices and the decisions about his private and love life are completely his; nobody’s got the right to criticize. We don’t like Cameron Diaz but he loves her, that’s the only thing that matters.

To speak about his fame, yes, he’s one of the most famous male singer of the last 5 years or more, maybe he used *NSYNC or Britney or his mom or Janet Jackson or maybe the president Clinton…. to get there, so what? Whitney Houston’s the niece of Dionne Warwick, married her producer, Janet used to dance like at the beginning of her career and Michael Jackson used his brothers to launch his own career, Babyface began his career by writing songs for Madonna and Toni Braxton, Beyonce got famous because of Destiny’s child, Lionel Richie, Paul Simon, Phil Collins Paul McCartney…….. They all come from a famous band, SO WHAT? Does that mean that they are not talented? Does that mean they are just parasites that didn’t work hard to get there, that just treated somebody else like a carpet? Actually they are ALL giants in the music industry!

One thing we should keep in mind, EVERYBODY BEGINS SOMEWHERE, and I bet everybody on this earth has already profited from a good relationship with someone else!!

The TRUTH is, Justin is a talented musician with a great background, a beautiful voice, who worked hard to get respect from the “music world”, whose album is an album with good vibe and good rhythm and great arrangements, and who definitely deserves the label of “ARTIST”.

The most important things we should be supportive for are his career and the man that he is. I think the best thing we could do – as his fans- is to concentrate ONLY on him, and each time each time we see somewhere the words “Cameron, Britney, date, rumors, copy…..”, to forget them, they are meaningless, they don’t deserve our attention. RESPECT TO JUSTIN!

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