Rev. Al Explains ‘N’ Word Charge Against Mottola

Rev. Al Sharpton was on Fox News on Monday night talking about the Michael Jackson controversy against Sony music chief Tommy Mottola. When asked about Jacko’s racist charges against Mottola, Sharpton said, “[Jackson] said that some people had come to him and said that Mr. Mottola had used the ‘n’ word. This we’ve invited them to come to the summit.” As for whether Sharpton himself believed the charges, he said, “We have to look at those that made the accusations. He knows the artists, he believes them. They’re fellow artists at Sony. You can’t tell Michael Jackson he doesn’t have the right to believe people he knows. We will have to make those determinations at the summit tomorrow. It’s fair for him to repeat what he believes.”

Sony Exec Says Jacko Buried Own Grave

July 9, 2002 – An unnamed Sony executive has struck back at Michael Jackson saying the singer has ruined his own career. “Charges of pedophilia have really spooked a lot of American record buyers,” the exec said to the New York Daily News. “There are a lot of parents who don’t think he’s a wholesome entertainer. It’s shadowed him.” As for Jacko’s financial obligations to the label, the exec added, “He’s trying to wage this bizarre campaign to rearrange his financial obligations. It’s not going to happen.”

Michael Jackson Knows He’s Black

July 9, 2002 – Michael was the main attraction at Rev. Sharpton’s racism-in-music summit in Harlem Tuesday. Jacko stated at the event, “The minute I surpassed Elvis and the Beatles, they called me a freak, a child molester. … They said I bleached my skin. I know my race – I know I’m black.”

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