Review Of Avril Lavigne’s Show In Belgium

Contributed by ImWithAvril:

Mieke from gave her own review of Avril Lavigne’s concert in Belgium recently.

“The lights went off and then ‘Sk8er Boi’ started to play, a black web fell down and Avril started to sing,” Mieke explained. “The moment everyone was waiting for! So it’s obvious everyone went crazy. After ‘Sk8er Boi’ Avril sang ‘Nobody’s Fool’. She played the guitar 3 times: For ‘Naked’, ‘Mobile’ and ‘Tomorrow’. Before they played ‘Tomorrow’, the band went off stage and the lights went out. Then you could see Evan running in the back of the stage trying to hide, and then Avril came up with a guitar. The lights went on again and her and Evan started playing ‘Tomorrow’ together. I personally think Avril gave the most energy while she was performing ‘Losing Grip’.”

The full review at has since been shut down.

Why Avril Lavigne’s Careful With Swearing

March 21, 2003 – Contributed by ImWithAvril: In The March 2003 issue of M Magazine, says that the reason why she is careful using curse words in her songs is because her parents are strict. “I’d feel guilty. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my parents,” she said.

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