Rich Cronin Explains The Story Behind New Song ‘Kenmore Square’

Former singer checked in with his MySpace friends (@richcronin) on Thursday (November 29) with the following bulletin: “I posted a song I did early this year called ‘Kenmore Square’. I did it with my production partner Joe Clapp and kind of forgot about it. It’s rough but the words are really important to me. The whole cancer thing has changed me so much and I can’t even begin to explain how different I see life. The song’s called ‘Kenmore Square’ because out side of my hospital rooms I could always see a section of the city called ‘Kenmore Square’, that’s where Fenway Park is and all the bars and clubs. I was always stuck in my room looking at it thinking about days when I had it all and had so much fun there at games or out with friends it was so odd to be in such a bad place staring at such a happy place and wondering if I would ever be well again. I am now and it’s been a slow journey but I never thought I would be here and it proves how life is so unknown. I’m grateful for my blessings and like how honest the lyrics are in this song. Check it out if you get a chance.”

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