Rich Cronin & Jeff Timmons Get The Same Line, Ring From J.Love

Former singer visited Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show Wednesday, where he spent a lot of time talking about his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt. Cronin said that the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ star purchased him a Cartier ring and told him, “Listen, I want to marry you. We’re going to be together forever.”

But after learning the actress cheated on him with other guys, including Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, their 2-year romance came to a crashing end. “Jeff goes, ‘Hey, you and me have something in common… Jennifer Love Hewitt’,” recalled Cronin, who said Timmons also got a Cartier ring and a similar together forever line from J.Love. “I had always asked her about that. ‘Did you ever get with this guy?’ [And she was like,] ‘No, no, no.’ So when that happened, I was lost. This was two years ago. It was rough, man.”, who has Hewitt as their cover story this week, has more details.

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One thought on “Rich Cronin & Jeff Timmons Get The Same Line, Ring From J.Love

  1. Huggy Bear says:

    Who’s Rich Conin and what is LFO? Never heard of them and now I see why. Why would Jennifer Hewiit be with a no name geek who has to do interviews about other people, cause no one else cares ? She needs to date guys on her own level.

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