Richie Stringini Back In Germany, Back With US5

Bravo spoke with Richie Stringini, joined by his bandmates Jay Kahn, Mikel Johnson, Izzy Gallegos, and Chris Watrin after the singer returned to Germany on Thursday night. Stringini talked about why his parents wouldn’t allow him to return to the group, his shock about the level of support he received from fans, how he didn’t have contact with his bandmates during the ordeal, how he spent the holidays, and more.

Bravo has since removed the video.

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7 thoughts on “Richie Stringini Back In Germany, Back With US5

  1. salteeny says:

    First of all I like to say WELCOME BACK RICHIE!!! I live in London and US5 are not well known, but I like to add that when I heard Richie leaving the band for a while because of what press said about his sexuality I was like “what the whole the thing is shaizer” I just couldn’t believe what they said as they don’t have no info on US5 on any mag they sell here in London I find info on the web, but I’m glad Richie is back and carry on with his career.

  2. dona says:

    please I want to speak you please

  3. Migle says:

    Hi Richie ;)) You know what? I saw you and I thought that you are a nice guy, and I think that I want to talk with you :) you can see my picture if you want ;p I think I interest you ;p really ;p so can you contact with me on skype, or write email. You should know that I’m waiting you ;p

  4. ANN says:


  5. mari says:

    hi Richie…I your fan =) you are sweet boy of the world.. you are so sweet,you have unique eyes and unique smile You will be always in my Heart…you’re my world, my heart, my soul =* =* =* =* =* =* =*

  6. ittucite21 says:

    hi….. I’m not tell you that you are coolest boy in world… I just like us5 and all your songs…..

  7. ittucite21 says:

    if not meaningless to say that I love you because, like never meet…..

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