Rick James Defends Michael Jackson

Rick James, the man who brought funk to the forefront and endured his own legal troubles for an assault charge, appeared on CNN’s ‘Live From…’ with Kyra Phillips on Friday to discuss Michael Jackson’s child molestation charges. Asked why Jackson was being charged, James responded, “Because he’s black, he’s rich and he’s famous, and they got nothing else better to do.” He added, “Look, Michael loves children, OK? I mean, to be — I mean, I look at it like this. I mean, all this pedophile crap, you know, why didn’t they go after Elvis Presley? He was the biggest pedophile at all. He had Priscilla when she was 14, 15. Why didn’t they go after Jerry Lee Lewis. He the second biggest pedophile of all. He married his first cousin. She was 13 years old. Why don’t they go after Santa Claus? Why don’t they do psychology references on him? They don’t know who he is. He’s 100,000 different cities and kids sit on his lap, telling him what they want for Christmas.” Read more.

Jackson’s Flight Risk

November 21, 2003 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Thursday night, “ turned himself in today. His bail was set at $3 million because he is considered a flight risk. Well sure, if he runs off he could fit right in anywhere.”

Jackson 5 Reunion Tour In Jeopardy After Molestation Charges

November 21, 2003 – A source who talked to Michael Jackson’s family shortly before the singer turned himself in on charges of child molestation tells The Chicago Sun-Times that plans for a Jackson 5 reunion tour are now in limbo. “It’s unclear to say what’s going to happen now. The family was planning on a tour of the Jackson 5, promoting their reunion album. Who’s to say what’s going to happen now?”

Neverland Boy Scouts Are Like Firefighters

November 21, 2003 – Jay Leno joked more about during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night. He joked, “Tonight we have California firefighters here to give thanks to them for the great job they did putting out the fires. These guys are brave. Just like the Boy Scouts at the Neverland Ranch they put their asses on the line everyday. I’m sort of worried about L.A. tonight. The firefighters are here. The police are all up at Michael Jackson’s place. Who’s protecting the city? Of course you know about Michael Jackson – or as the kids call him ‘Spongebob No Pants’. Police had a warrant to arrest Michael Jackson but they arrested Diana Ross by mistake. I guess Michael was arrested under that new law – three tikes and you’re out. They performed a cavity search on him and found Emmanuel Lewis.”

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