Ricky Martin Appears On Germany’s ‘TV Total’

Contributed by Mehrunisa:

Ricky had a blast appearing on the German TV show TV Total on Tuesday (June 3). In an unusually fun and carefree interview, Ricky performed ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ in German, and has fun with a great Elvis impersonation and much more. Video has since been removed.

Changed Mind Benefits Ricky Martin’s Latin Fans

tells Billboard his new album ‘Almas del Silencio’ was released instead of an English language album when the singer changed his mind. “I woke up five months ago, and I said, ‘We’re doing an album in Spanish,”‘ Martin recalled. “Everyone went nuts. They said, ‘You don’t have time; you have to release an album in English because of timing issues with your career.’ And that’s fine. But I told them, ‘In five months, you’ll have a kick-ass album’.” Now, the new English album is on hold until March 2004.

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