Ricky Martin Arrives In Melbourne With Rebecca de Alba

The Herald Sun reports Ricky Martin is back with on/off girlfriend Mexican TV star Rebecca de Alba, arriving with her in Melbourne over the weekend. Martin, who did his sightseeing in disguise, was coy about discussing his partner. “I never talk about my love life,” he said. “All I have to say is that it feels really good.” As for any plans on becoming a father soon, Martin said, “Let’s leave that to a higher power than mine.”

Ricky Martin Goes Overboard With Security

Star magazine reports residents of a West Hollywood highrise were awakened at midnight when two bulletproof SUVs surrounded by motorcycle copes with sirens wailing pulled up in from of their building. With tenants fleeing the lobby, they learned it was only Ricky Martin and eight bodyguards coming their to visit a pal.

Ricky Martin Grieves Over Celia Cruz’s Death

Ricky Martin expressed his grief at Celia Cruz’s passing at the age of 77. The singer released the following statement, “Her music not only touched my soul, but it influenced generations of singers and songwriters. Her vibrant spirit and positive energy can never be duplicated. We will always miss her.” Cruz died on Wednesday at her home in New Jersey after a battle with brain cancer.

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