Ricky Martin Attends Arab Children Congress

UNICEF goodwill Ambassador was on hand for the opening ceremony of the Arab Children Congress in Amman, Jordan late Sunday (July 24). Martin is a guest of honor to the Arab Children Congress, which gathered 150 young people from the Arab World, Asia and Europe. Check out pictures from Corbis.

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7 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Attends Arab Children Congress

  1. hooker says:

    I wonder if Ricky has a girlfriend at this time eh? is Ricky gay?

  2. Mehrunisa says:

    In one side we have a great guy like Ricky, who works hard and tries to make the world a better place for children, and on the other side we have Hooker, who has nothing else to do than to post these stupid remarks every time Ricky’s name mentioned. Get a life Hooker and take example from Ricky how to be an amazing person!

  3. Hunglo says:

    Bet he reallllly loves the Arab BOYS, if you know what I mean

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    is Ricky gay? is blood red?

    the fact that he’s gay doesn’t invalidate his good deeds, so your point is moot.

  5. ihatehilary says:

    what does mikey think of this group protecting little kids?

    is JLOVER gay?

  6. galleta says:

    so true mehrunisa…i think Ricky is wonderful he really cares

    Good for Ricky he does more than just donates money he really gets in there and helps out he gets involved. He is a true human being.

  7. Mehrunisa says:

    To reply to all those so concern about Ricky’s PRIVATE life: What Ricky does in his bedroom is no one’s business so there is no need to ask about it or make stupid comments every time he is in the news for doing something good for humanity or releasing a song. First of all you have no proof and second: What is this petty preoccupation with his sex life? What difference does it make and what is the relevancy to anything? I’ll tell you what – All those people who keep bringing up Ricky’s sexuality and make fun of him every time they talk about him, are narrow minded bitter people who can’t feel better about themselves unless they judge and belittle other people. I feel sorry for all those poor souls. And I’m sure that they are so shallow that they will not even get the message in my reply and will keep posting more of the same garbage.

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