Ricky Martin Designed Pedal Car Auctioning On E-Bay

Mercedes-Benz partnered with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation to auction off celebrity designed pedal cars and Ricky Martin has contributed with an autographed legendary 300SL Gullwing he ‘designed’ (probably color selection). The car is currently bid at $224.50 and the auction ends February 17.

RickyFan.com Wins Best Message Board Poll

Ricky Martin got the top spot in our previous poll asking which pop star’s official message board is best, with MariahCarey.com’s forum close behind. In our new poll, the best of the best pop star fan sites are included, and your job is to pick the best of these fine websites, many that have been used as informational sources by major media outlets. One vote per day allowed.

What Has Ricky Martin Been Doing?

Walter Scott of Parade magazine was asked where Ricky Martin has been lately and he responded, “On his first vacation in 10 years. After a world tour to promote his CD ‘Sound Loaded’, Martin kicked back with friends at his South Florida home and spent time with his family in Puerto Rico.” Scott adds that Ricky will start on a new CD in January.

Ricky Martin And Luis Miguel Duet?

Rumors running around Ricky Martin and Luis Miguel message boards are rampant as a Latin press report had the two recording a song together to be presented at a New Years Eve party in the United States. Most seem to believe this story was a joke as the Latin equivalent to ‘April Fools Day’ is December 28.

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6 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Designed Pedal Car Auctioning On E-Bay

  1. discomarietta says:

    Wow,I like the car and colors of it.

    What a sweetheart,Ricky Martin is,I didn’t know that he is designing pedal cars.

  2. evaivamaria says:

    Definitely he is a wonderful person and the best male pop artist we have got just now.

    I think he participates with his personal donations in many charities.

    Anybody knows when his new album will be released?

  3. higherpower says:

    Ricky,Ricky,darling,come back with your music not just with the pedal car.

    Thanks,Popdirt.com,I have been visiting your page nearly every day hoping to catch some news about my favorite artists: Ricky Martin, Anastasia, Alicia…!

    Juat one,tiny,little question:Why RickyFan.com is not included in this poll?
    Administration,you have mentioned that the new poll “the best of the best pop star fan sites are included”.
    Don’t you think that Ricky Fan.com belongs to this “elite”group or have I missed your point?

  4. evaivamaria says:

    Why RickyMartin.com is not included in this poll?
    Or there are so many other Ricky’s fan web sites which are excellent and bring always the fresh news about the best pop singer in the world – Ricky Martin?
    Just mention few of them if you,guys,at the Popdirt.co haven’t heard about them:
    Ricky MartinBoricuacentral.com
    and hundreds more!

  5. MusicMan says:

    I just took sites that were already submitted & listed as fan sites under the web links on popdirt.com. I looked at the 4 on there but two were official, 1 was mine, and the other I didn’t think made the cut. I can only list 12 sites in the poll also, as that is the software limit. I’ll add some of those listed above as web links, thanks for pointing them out.

  6. evaivamaria says:

    So,you said there is the limit of 12 at the poll,so ,why you have included 3 of the pop stars with two web sites?
    Doesn’t ring this fact to you as a bit of discrimination to the other pop megastars fan sites which haven’t been considered popular enough/by your opinion/ to be in the poll?
    And at the and of the day,if you haven’t got them listed,as you mentioned,there are very strong and useful searching machines on the web/.www.google.com/which can serve you in a second with thousands of Ricky’s fan sites.
    It just take a bit of common sense to make every visitor of Popdirt.com happy.

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