Ricky Martin Gets Testy About Sexuality

AFP reports that turned from diplomatic to curt when a journalist in Singapore asked during a press conference on Friday how he felt whenever the media questions him on his sexuality. “Do you feel like a better journalist because of asking this question?” Martin asked the reporter, turning the tables on her and deftly sidestepping the question.

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9 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Gets Testy About Sexuality

  1. Mehrunisa says:

    Great, answer Ricky! Those stupid reporters just trying to dig for dirt that does not exist. Ricky is comfortable in his manhood and doesn’t have to defend it and prove it to no one. He has a girlfriend and is very happy. Anyway they are going to write whatever they want, no matter who it hurts, just to create a sensation in order to sell more newspapers.

  2. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    The media needs to get a life and quit bugging him about that. If he is gay (which I highly doubt), so f’in what. None of their business, and as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters.

  3. leodude666 says:

    Who cares if he is gay/bi he’s still the same Ricky Martin…stupid people.

  4. Stallion says:

    Don’t worry Rick Elgato Bringmetolife Clay Aiken and the Backstreet Boys have to deal with this every day and every little second so don’t let it get to you

  5. venusmartin says:

    I hate the press when they make these kind of imbecile questions! ~What do they think they are? The press has become the most enjoying bug of our society! Ricky, don’t answer them, just ignore them!

  6. Sammi says:

    I like the dude and all, but maybe if he just answered the questions, the reporters would stop. This is what I think, either one of the two things is the deal: a) He is gay, and doesn’t want to hear about it b) Likes the attention he gets for not answering it because it’s better for publicity. Maybe even both. But by beating around the bush, and refusing to answer, it makes it seem as if he is gay. Either way, I doubt it will have an effect of his music career…it wouldn’t make true fans like him any less.

  7. Mehrunisa says:

    I read and saw many Ricky interviews, and it’s all about how the interviewer asked the question and how comfortable Ricky felt. Most of the times, Ricky doesn’t like to talk about his private life because he knows from experience that his words would be twisted by the media anyway, but in some interviews he did say the he is a MAN WHO LOVES WOMEN and one day wants to get married and have many children. Ricky always says that his music is for EVERYONE, no matter what sex age or color. If the gays love Ricky, that’s great! But it does not make him gay. Its just sells more records.

  8. venusmartin says:

    For me if he is a gay or not is totally irrelevant. What kind of society we are living in? Stupid, narrow minded, blind, selfish, admiring killing and wars more than honest, peace loving people. It’s our fault if the press has been asking these questions! Don’t we like to read them? Don’t publicity like this or other way around, the pictures of Ricky and his “new”and not so “new” girlfriend Rebecca causes the commotions among his fans and the others?

  9. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    He shouldn’t have to answer questions like that and obviously but not he’s showing he has pride and doesn’t give a damn what “reporters” say.

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