Ricky Martin Heading To Mexico To See Rebecca De Alba

Extra got up close and personal with at the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America 2003 in Miami on Thursday night. Martin couldn’t wait to get back to his girlfriend, Rebecca De Alba. He says, “She’s back in Mexico. I’m going to see her tomorrow.” He also broke big music news. He says, “I can’t wait. March next year I will be releasing an album. It will be an English album with a music tour.”

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3 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Heading To Mexico To See Rebecca De Alba

  1. FaustoAguilera says:

    Ever since Ricky did that duet with Christina he has gone so downhill that he will never recover. She’s like a disease who infects you! She sure spreads a lot of OTHER diseases also or so I’ve heard! That terrible song was her biggest FLOP to date.

  2. Madfan says:

    Ricky. Tsk, tsk, tsk. David Bisbal has overshadowed you.

  3. Mehrunisa says:

    David Bisbal overshadowed Ricky???? LMAO! Never! David, the RickyMartin-Luis Miguel wanna be? He has a long, long way to go until he reaches Ricky’s performance skills level and professionalism, Ricky’s charisma and appeal. David is not bad, and I even have his CD, BUT he needs to come up with his own style and not copy other artists. And FaustoAguilera, I don’t know where you get your info from, but that song was far from a flop. I believe it reached #5 on the BB charts and did pretty good on the charts around the world as well.

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