Ricky Martin In Brazil

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is in Brazil promoting his album ‘Almas del Silencio’ He is one of the few International Artiste to sell big in Brazil. He appeared on a Brazilian TV show called ‘Hebe’ and sang ‘Talvez’ and was asked a few questions. He talked about his foundation called People For Children That helps to fight child pornography. He was also asked what’s the difference between Ricky Martin the performer and Ricky the person. He said they were the same. He doesn’t wear any mask when he is performing and that its just the way he is on stage and off stage.

To Appear In Toronto For Autograph Signing

will appear at Sherway Gardens in Toronto on Saturday (July 5) for a CD signing in celebration of his new Spanish-language album ‘Almas del Silencio’. At 4:30pm ET on Saturday (July 5), in the Centre Court at Sherway Gardens, fans will have a chance to meet Latin superstar.

Ricky Martin Leaves His Latin Soul On Stage At MSG

Zaida Colón Martínez reviewed Ricky Martin’s concert at Madison Square Garden on Saturday (June 28). He says before Martin performed his hit ‘Tal Vez’, he told the audience, “This song talks about a beginning in my life. Thanks for being here, thanks for supporting me, it’s a pleasure to be once again here on this wonderful stage, but the most important is to be able to sing to the Latin people of this nation. This night I swear I’ll leave my soul on stage as always, I swear it. I want to sing a song that is very special for me because it describes what I am, from what I’m made of, I come from a precious little island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. In that island they taught me the beauty of being part of the race of a thousand colors.”

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