Ricky Martin Judged Album Of 2002

Well with the latest news that Ricky Martin’s album is being pushed back perhaps until November, getting the most pop music sales in 2002 doesn’t appear likely, but he won the survey anyways. Christina Aguilera, who’s pushed out album has tested the nerves of her fans, finished second. Our latest poll asks readers to characterize their opinion of the latest are they or aren’t they — Justin and Britney.

In Stockholm — Article Translated

The story we posted the other day about arriving in Sweden last week has been translated. Apparently he’s in the country to record for his new album and he’s working with Swedish star producers. Ricky said, “I love this country.” Meanwhile, Britney Spears arrived in the country earlier today to promote her new film ‘Crossroads.’

Ricky Martin In Stockholm

Aftonbladet.se has a photo of Ricky Martin arriving in Stockholm and the accompanying article again mentions Britney Spears, something about her ‘Crossroads’ premiere, as well as Ricky being in town for what appears to be promotional appearances and some sort of concert. Check out the picture and article (in Swedish) here.

Ricky Martin To Launch Sports Magazine

This according to a message board posting at TSARM: “Ricky Martin is almost finished working on his new CD to launch shortly, but the surprise of the year would be his launching of a new his new CD but a sports magazine. According the the magazine DIGITAL FAME, the Puerto Rican will launch a sports magazine of the first order. Even though he won’t be participating directly, he will support it with special reports and Money! The project is a dream of an old friend of his, and he couldn’t help but participate. They say that the name of the magazine will be chosen by the interpreter of ‘She Bangs’.”

Ricky Martin On Stage With Elton John & Billy Joel

Contributed Anonymously:

Ricky Martin was invited by Sir and Billy Joel to share the stage with them at the concert in Florida and to join them for a rendition of “Great Balls of Fire”. The megastar of “She Bangs” raised the scene before the euphoric and ecstatic audience at the National Car Rental Center in Florida. This is the second public appearance after taking a year to rest and compile material for his next album which is to be released in the second part of this year.

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3 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Judged Album Of 2002

  1. Jen says:

    OMG! That poll was so friggin rigged. How in the hell did Ricky Martin win over much more popular artists like BSB and Justin Timberlake(even though I don’t really like Justin). Ricky Martin is no where near as popular as those guys.

  2. chris says:

    So whenever your favorite loses it’s been fixed? How do you know how and why people voted the way they did? It’s not like Martin is getting an actual award or anything!

  3. EndIsNear says:

    The polls are not fake because someone didn’t win, they’re fake because Martin won.

    This whole site is fake.

    The 2 albums that won will not even be out in 2002, so I want the results to be deleted.

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