Ricky Martin Learning To Play The Piano

A fan on Ricky Martin’s official website message board shared highlights of Ricky’s interview at the Billboard Conference earlier today. Ricky says he’s working on both an English and Spanish album, one of the songs will be dealing with his frustrations of being unable to help the people of Afghanistan following the devastating earthquake the country had earlier this year. Ricky also revealed he’s learning to play the piano and may show off the new skill on his next tour.

To See Humanitarian Award

Eileen Esquilin Creek of Elnuevodia.com spoke to Peruvian journalist Laura Bozzo who revealed she’ll be presenting an award to at the Billboard show on Thursday night in Miami. The award is being given for his involvement in charity and humanitarian causes. Amongst those causes were his protesting of the Navy’s bombing assault on Vieques island.

Familiar Innuendo On Ricky Martin & Val Kilmer

Billy Master’s column this week briefly touched on the talk of a romance between Ines Misan and Val Kilmer. Of course Ines had earlier been linked to Ricky Martin, so with her latest hookup Billy cracked, “Sounds like Ines has found a little niche for herself – and that’s all I’m sayin’.”

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  1. Marvin Kanaris says:

    What a pity, Ricky my idol in Menudo days is a gay!

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