Ricky Martin On TRL

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday where a big fan of his got the chance to ask him a question, how he gets all the energy to do his two hour live shows filled with energenic dancing.

“Well, I guess that’s exactly what I say, you know what I’m going to stop for a little while and I’m going to recharge my energy,” Martin said. “I think the audience is very important. It’s, you know, me with the help of my — with the microphone I can make 25,000 people vibrate, imagine what their vibrations do to me. A circle of energy. It’s completely addictive.”

Ricky also weighed in on the dancing talents of his female singing counterparts. On Shakira, he says, “It’s all about the soul and she’s got it. She’s got it. She’s got it.”

And on what advice he’d give Britney Spears, Ricky commented, “What are you talking about? She should give me advice. Amazing.” Finally on in her ‘I’m Glad’ video, Ricky says, “My baby! That’s my baby. Look at her.”

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