Ricky Martin Rebound

When asked how it felt to be back with the new single ‘Tal Vez’, Ricky Martin told Access Hollywood, “It was important to take time so I could find my center again and find focus. Everything happened so fast and it was really beautiful. I’m not complaining, but I needed some time to take care of myself.”

Ricky Martin Is Ready For The Spotlight Again

Ricky Martin tells Extra TV he traveled a lot to India and that is when he made a personal decision to make a spiritual album and to go back to his roots – singing in Spanish. Ricky knows he’s taking a chance. His fans, expecting another goodtime album, may be surprised by his new reflective sound on ‘The Souls of Silence’.

Kelly Brook Turns Down Date With Ricky Martin

The Sun reports Ricky Martin recently asked Kelly Brook out on a date, even though she’s dating ‘Lock Stock’ actor Jason Statham. The ex-Big Breakfast host said the Latin singer’s record company phoned to ask if she wanted to go to dinner with him. Kelly said, “I was flattered, but Jason wouldn’t let me. Not that I would have gone anyway.”

Ricky Martin’s Interview Secrets

Popbitch.com reports that Ricky Martin always looks shiny and golden because his people always bring specific color gels to put over the lights for his TV appearances. The gels are called “cosmetic chocolate” and “bastard amber”. Martin also has a grey painting with orange flecks, which is used as his interview backdrop, bringing out his skin tone and highlights on camera.

Ricky Martin Returns With A Bang

After a five-year hiatus from recording an all-Spanish album, Ricky Martin is poised to return with ‘Las Almas del Silencio’, due May 20 on Sony Discos. “I feel like the first day … excited and thankful to everyone who’s collaborated in this project,” Martin told Billboard.com. “And thankful to radio and the audience for their backing. We’ll continue to support our roots.”

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