Ricky Martin Says Enjoy Life For The Moment

spoke out about the recent SARS outbreak in Asia telling reporters at a news conference on Sunday (August 3) in Hong Kong that he wanted people to “enjoy life as it comes,” despite “this pain that we all went through, not only the people here in Hong Kong, or the people in some parts of Asia. The entire planet suffered this.”

He added, “We know about today. We don’t know about tomorrow. So just let’s embrace each other with love and peace and freedom and let’s just be.”

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2 thoughts on “Ricky Martin Says Enjoy Life For The Moment

  1. Mehrunisa says:

    What a wise and compassionate man is Ricky! I hope that Ricky will never stop singing and the world can enjoy his beautiful joyful music and soul.

  2. venusmartin says:

    I am 100% with you MEHRUNISA!

    How intelligent, Ricky seems always so sincere and compassionate., I am so much in love with him!

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