Ricky Martin Sets Release Date For Spanish Album

RMTEE reports Sony management officially announced the International release date of March 31, 2003 for Ricky Martin’s next album. The Spanish language album will have the first single release on Feb. 28, with a song written by Franco de Vita, ‘Tal Vez.’ Other collaborators on the album include Juanes and Alejandro Sanz. The video for ‘Tal Vez’ is rumored to start filming in January.

Ricky Martin & Female Pals Enjoy Barneys Makeup

Star magazine reports Ricky Martin and four female friends spent an hour in the makeup department of Barneys in Beverly Hills. Ricky bounced from counter to counter with brushes in hand, experimenting with eyeshadow colors and lipsticks with his pals.

Ricky Martin Wants To Start His Own Record Label

According to Labotana.com, an Extra TV report says Ricky Martin hopes to invest in new talent beginning in 2003. Ricky should start his own recording studio in Miami in the middle of next year. Martin wants to launch his own record label and is looking for new singers. Ricky is negotiating to purchase a small recording company that belongs to a well known American rapper.

Ricky Martin’s Secret To Making The Airwaves

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday, “Here’s an odd story. In Brazil, a frustrated musician broke into a radio station, forced the DJ at gun point to play his album on the air. So that’s what happened to Ricky Martin.”

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