Ricky Martin Spotted With Rebecca De Alba

The Cheez of HispanicOnline.com reports was seen in Puerto Rico having a very romantic dinner with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca de Alba. The pair arrived in his private jet and were seen very close to each other. De Alba was seen wearing a very shiny diamond bracelet, leading some to think it may have been Ricky’s birthday gift.

James Caan Doesn’t Get Level Of Respect

Star magazine reports acting legend James Caan was fuming during a visit to the swanky Miami Beach sushi eatery Nobu recently when he was told to wait for a table like anybody else. After Caan saw and friends being ushered right in, Caan asked the maitre d’, “Who the hell is that?” He replied, “That’s Ricky Martin, sir.” Caan continued, “And who’s Ricky Martin?” The maitre’d deadpanned, “Someone who can get a table right away.” Caan asked, “Do you know who I am?” The young employee shook his head no. Caan then returned to his nearby vacation condo for a takeout meal.

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