Ricky Martin’s Girlfriend Shares Desire For Being A Mom

Ricky Martin

AAP reports and his Mexican girlfriend Rebeca de Alba have no wedding plans, but de Alba says she wants to be a mother soon. “We have not made any decisions regarding a walk up the altar,” de Alba said. “It’s strange, I’ve never seen myself as a wife in the traditional sense,” the television star added. “I’ve seen myself as a mother much more than as a wife.”

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3 thoughts on “Ricky Martin’s Girlfriend Shares Desire For Being A Mom

  1. Brooke says:

    wow this website is so dumbbbbbb

  2. Stewart Chiarenza says:

    What happen to the showbiz world? Who will come out as gay.

  3. 2lcp says:

    Ricky Martin you are a man not a woman, that sucks!

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