Ricky Martin’s ‘I Don’t Care’

Contributed Anonymously:

KIIS FM in Los Angeles is playing all day ’s new single from his upcoming English language CD scheduled to be released in October. The song is called ‘I Don’t Care’, featuring Fat Joe and Amerie.

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One thought on “Ricky Martin’s ‘I Don’t Care’

  1. sheybug says:

    I Don’t Care’…I DO CARE!’, ‘This song is great! For you idiots that bring up the “gay” thing…YOU ARE IGNORANT! Since when does a persons sexual orientation have anything to do with the sound of a song? I suppose you prefer a pedophile like R. Kelly over someone who may or may not be gay. I bring up R. Kelly to make a point: I love his music. I hate that he sleeps with young girls. Where do I draw the line? I don’t! I just listen and judge the music, not the person…as we all should!

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