RJ Helton Stops By MTV’s TRL

The latest ‘American Idol’ to be booted from the show, RJ Helton, stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday. RJ sounded like he still had hard feelings for Simon Cowell, who was always tough on him during the show. RJ also mentioned that he’ll be on an ‘American Idol’ tour soon and that he’s received recording, acting, and modeling offers so he’ll be staying busy. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: — From one guest to another at no. 4 that’s vanessa carlton
“ordinary day” up a spot from last week and the latest to get voted off
“american idol” on Monday we do this “american idol” Monday thing, so they
say. This week it is rj helton. Nice to have you here.

RJ: Thanks


Carson: Thank you. Thanks for helpin’ us out with the birthday song
for matthew.

RJ: No problem. No problem.

Carson: Talk about “american idol” for a second. You have to feel good
you made it to the final 5. Quite an accomplishment.

RJ: I didn’t expect to make it past the 30 or to the 30, i mean so I’ve
surpassed my expectations.

Carson: We have footage of singin’, we all thought you did a great job
singin’ what do you think about this performance?

[Background music]

Carson: What do you think happened? It sounds pretty good to me. I don’t

RJ: Uhm, i don’t know. I think maybe simon every week has criticized
me and not nice to me at all so i mean, maybe the you know, maybe america
just kinda got sick of that. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Carson: You said goodbye to paula and randy but not to simon of course
because he has been giving you a hard time. What is his deal he’s not around
here [Bleep] Is he just a jerk in real life what’s the gig with him.

RJ: I mean pretty much. I mean, he’s just — yeah, yeah, i would say


Carson: Did he just have it out for you from the get-go.

RJ: Yeah. I mean from day 1 he’s not really cared for me all that much.
It’s not a big deal to me. Ultimately he’s not going to make my career,
so …


Carson: R.J., You don’t make any, you know, you don’t hide your feelings,
I’m sure the whole “american idol” has been very emotional.

RJ: Right. Right.

Carson: You know. Is it hard? Have you gotten — what do people say
about your crying on T.V.?

RJ: Uhm, I’ve not gotten much talk about that, really

Carson: I’m the only one.

RJ: Yeah, you are the first one. No, it’s cool. I’m an emotional person
and get attached easy and i think the top 10 of us we are really close
and it was hard.

Carson: I know when

[Inaudible] Was voted off.

RJ: Yeah probably the hardest.

Carson: Why does your life begin right now as we speak, this is a good

RJ: Yeah, obviously it is kinda cool.

Carson: — They are watchin’ anything you would like to say to them.

RJ: We do the “american idol” tour comin’ up and the album comin’ up
so you guys bike that up


RJ: After the tour, there’s been some — there’s been some offers for
different labels, modeling and actin’ so we’ll try it all, you know we’ll

Carson: Good. We got to get to b2k “why i love you” right now at no.
3. They were no. 1 last week but here they are down two spots this is “why
i love you” and that’s rj helton you are watchin’ trl


Carson: That’s the third most requested video b2k “why I love you” down
a couple spots if you are keepin’ track here with rj helton formerly of
“american idol”. Outside in times square quddus is there with somebody
who would like to ask you a question.

Quddus: Wha’ssup carson and R.J. I got a lot of snoop fans here and
even page gent girls and i found one of the biggest R.J. Fans. What was
your favorite performance.

RJ: I would have to say it would have to be “under the boardwalk” so
energetic and his voice is so awesome.

Quddus: You got a question right.

Fan: Yeah.

[Inaudible] Do you think you would be in like part of the next nsync
or backstreet boys?

RJ: I’ve not really thought about that. I think i tried a boybands like
once a few years ago and lasted for about 3 months so I’m pretty cool doing
solo. I’d like to stick with my solo stuff.


Carson: All right. Thank you for that. Quddus how about you are you
going to be in a boy band.

Quddus: Hell no, ai rate.

Carson: Thanks for your honesty.

Quddus: I keep it solo.

Carson: Thank you for the question from times square. One final question
obviously of the four remaining, two questions we’ll put pictures up who
do you think deserves to win.

RJ: I think kelly. I’m going to go with kelly. She’s naturally gifted


RJ: And she’s amazing.

Carson: Do you think she will actually win or is that who you think
deserves to win.

RJ: I think she’s got an amazing chance. I think by far to me the best
vocalist on the show right now, so ….

Carson: You know what snoop dogg is an accomplished musician maybe before
you go maybe you have advice for him tackling the music word.

Snoop Dogg: My thing to you nephew don’t worry about “american idol”
if you got talent it’s going to be seen and heard regardless

Carson: There you go. Nice to have you on best of luck you to there
is rj helton.

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