Rob Mills Chats With Kyle And Jackie O

Rob Mills, aka Milsy of ‘Australian Idol’ was on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show to promote his new album ‘Up All Night’, due June 14th. Mills said his parents are behind his music career, and they talked about the romance he had with Paris Hilton. They tried to convince Mills to get a style wedding with Paris, but he wasn’t keen to the idea. He said he’d recently met up with the current girlfriend of star Nick Carter, but denied they had sex. The 6-minute interview has since been removed from

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One thought on “Rob Mills Chats With Kyle And Jackie O

  1. SelenaY143 says:

    This article is plain stupid and I really have no idea why it’s posted. Is it because there’s ‘Nick Carter’ and ‘Backstreet Boys’ on it? lol Of course. Rob ‘Who?’ Mills. Who cares? lol The only time Paris Hilton is mentioned is when people talk about ‘sex scandals/sex tape’, ‘Simple Life show’, and multiple “boyfriends” including “Nick Carter.” But really, it has nothing to do with Nick Carter half of the time. lol Nick Carter is a completely different story and I hope he breaks up with this “Simple Life” bimbo. Her so-called life is not worth reading about. Paris Hilton is so friggin’ lame, man.

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