Rob Thomas ‘Give Me The Meltdown’ Video

is out with the video for his new single ‘Give Me the Meltdown’, the second release off the Matchbox Twenty singer’s second solo album ‘Cradlesong’, out now on Atlantic / Warner Music Group. Watch it below.

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4 thoughts on “Rob Thomas ‘Give Me The Meltdown’ Video

  1. skoti collins says:

    I think I did a great job melting down on this video,, ( yellow shirt dad) Skoti Collins

  2. Redhead Mom says:

    LMAO over the man with the car! I’ve felt like that a time or two. Love this song!

  3. Joseph Lorenzo Wise says:

    Skoti did a good job, but I got to bust up a few good computer monitors and get zapped by a wizard. Ended up working with Skoti on “Men of A Certain Age” that’s when we found out we were both in “Give Me The Meltdown” Thumbs up Rob!

  4. skoti collins says:

    hey Joseph , see you the 13th and 14th , we will be shooting Men of a certain age ,, how’s palm spring’s? have a great holiday weekend , Skoti

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