Robbie & Rachel Split – Canoodle At Same Bar With Others

The Sunday Mail reports has been spotted leaving the Whiskey Bar at Hollywood’s Sunset Marquee Hotel with a mystery blonde after splitting with Rachel Hunter. It was the same hangout Rachel was seen at with old flame Harry Morton. “Ever since her romance with Robbie stalled, Rachel has been spending more time with Harry,” a pal said. “They’ve been trying to keep things a secret but they slipped up by being seen canoodling at the Whiskey Bar.”

Robbie In Worrisome Gambling Habit

February 9, 2003 – News of the World reports pals of Robbie Williams are worried about the singer’s gambling habit, that has sent the singer back over $3 million. “There are all-night sessions at his Beverly Hills place and he treats gambling like most blokes treat going down the pub,” a pal said. “He’s at it most nights. Over two years £2 million is a conservative estimate of his losses.” Neighbor Tom Jones added, “He’s addicted to cards and he’s started a poker circle. He says he’s going to teach me.” And Kelly Osbourne says, “He has these card games.”

Rock The Vote Bash To Star Robbie, Vanessa & More

February 3, 2003 – Robbie Williams, Public Enemy, Vanessa Carlton and The Flaming Lips will perform live at NYC’s Roseland Ballroom for Rock the Vote and MTV’s 10th annual bash in memory of Patrick Lippert on Saturday night, Feb. 22, the evening before the Grammys at Madison Square Garden. The evening’s honorees are Peter Gabriel and Alanis Morissette, who will receive Rock the Vote Patrick Lippert Awards, and Public Enemy’s Chuck D, who will be presented with the 2003 Rock the Vote Founders Award. This year’s Awards are being sponsored by Old Spice, L’Oreal, T-Mobile and 7 UP.

Robbie Wanted To Quit And Form A Rock Band

January 29, 2003 – WENN reports Robbie Williams was set to quit his solo career and form a rock band last year. “I genuinely thought it would be the last album as Robbie,” Robbie said. “At the beginning of the year I’d had it with all things Robbie. Part of me thought I was facing burn-out. After one single I thought I’d start a band and chase U2 all over the world for their crown.”

Record Bosses Hire Rival To Write For Robbie

January 26, 2003 – In a move that will likely shock Robbie Williams, the Sunday People reports his record company has asked his arch enemy and former Take That colleague to write songs for his next album. “He’ll find it pretty funny to hear that Gary has been approached to provide songs and there’s no way he’d ever use them,” a source in Robbie’s camp said. “Besides Robbie is writing most of his own songs now and half the tunes on ‘Escapology’ were written solely by him.”

Robbie & Justin Timberlake To Duet At The Brit Awards?

January 25, 2003 – Though The Sun reported that Robbie Williams would be missing the Brit Awards, The Mirror is saying he’ll be there, and performing with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. “It’s going to be absolutely amazing. They’ve both got such energy and stage presence,” said an insider. “It’ll be one of the hottest performances ever. They’ve met a couple of times out in Los Angeles and got on famously. The lads haven’t yet decided what they’re going to sing but it’s fair to say it’ll be a big theatrical number.”

Robbie To Be Featured In MTV Cribs

January 24, 2003 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams has recorded an episode of MTV Cribs from his mansion in Los Angeles in an effort to boost his profile in America. Robbie is seen on all fours on his king-size bed, which he boasts sees plenty of action. Then deadpan he jokes: “My bed is where the magic happens. It happened for one-and-a-half minutes last night. I beat my personal best.” The program will be shown on MTV UK next month, where he’ll also confess to being lonely. “I sat at this table to eat my Christmas dinner alone because I sometimes find it difficult to make friends,” he admits. “Which goes to show that money doesn’t equal happiness.”

Robbie Snubs The Brits

January 23, 2003 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams is going to be a no-show to the Brit Awards and instead will perform on February 21st at a Rock The Vote charity gig in New York. “Robbie was all on for going to the Brits as he missed it last year and it’s still his favorite music event,” an EMI insider said. “But this gig in the States is vital to impress some big-wigs in the US record industry.” The Big Apple bash is two days before the Grammys, and he hopes the hundreds of record execs and music insiders in town will boost his image in America.

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