Robbie Williams Becomes Priest With Bizarre Church

The London Express reports has become a priest with a bizarre American church and conducted his first ceremony earlier this month. The singer was ordained online and conducted the wedding of old friend Billy Morrison from 1980s rock group The Cult to his girlfriend.

Three Psychologists Analyze Robbie’s Gay Talk

March 16, 2002 – Tracey Lawson of the Scotsman spoke with three psychologists why keeps the world guessing about his sexuality. Dr Adam Joinson said, “I certainly don’t think this is Williams testing the water about whether or not to come out. I am not his psychoanalyst so cannot comment on his sexuality, but I would think he is more likely to marry the last remaining member of the pop group than come out as a gay man. I think it is more likely that he believes any publicity is good publicity, and this issue is certainly getting him plenty of press.”

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