Robbie Williams Deals With Insomnia

According to The Sun, the reason phoned up a local radio station in London on Wednesday at 3:05 am is because the singer suffers insomnia, and is unable to go out on the town because of his past demons dealing with alcohol and drugs. “Rob has a problem sleeping and it’s very hard for him to know what to do after he has performed,” a source revealed. “He says he feels like going out and getting drunk because that’s what people do after a gig. But he’s strong enough to realize he can’t do that or he will plunge his life back into the hell it once was. He has to have people with him all the time because he feels lonely and very often depressed. On the night he rang up Radio London, Jerry was keeping him company. Usually it is his bodyguard Pompey who does the honors. Rob can’t stand being alone because he gets paranoid – especially when he is in England.”

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2 thoughts on “Robbie Williams Deals With Insomnia

  1. AussieSue says:

    Geez parts of that news article were a tad harsh. I think the downside to being single is being lonely at times, whether be a celebrity or average Joe on the street. Does not make you a bad person.

  2. SleepyHead says:

    Hey, can sleep be a HOBBY? I guess maybe it’s more appropriately a passion., maybe because I’ve had trouble sleeping until late in 2009. I find that having the right bed works wonders, as does meditation. It’s such a pity that so many people turn to benzodiazapenes (sp?) to fall asleep and caffeine + antidepressants to wake up in the morning; doing these things pretty much guarantee insomnia. Most important to getting good sleep is creating a good environment and taking NATURAL supplements for sleep. I have changed my own life around since making better lifestyle choices and taking the right supplements for sleep. Why does everyone feel the need to chug caffeine, though? That’s one I don’t really understand. Once I weaned myself from the stuff, I noticed I had much more energy. Yes, it took quite awhile, but now, I sleep like a rock, the headaches are gone, and I feel like a human being. Trust me on the supplements, though – that’s really gotten me through. Look for Melatonin and 5HTP – these two hormones are tested safe, and they really and truly work.

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