Robbie Williams Makes Vow Of Celibacy

The Mirror reports has conceded defeat in a search for a mate and declared himself celibate. “I’ve hung up my shagging boots,” he admitted. “For my official retirement ceremony there was a big Olympic-style games where all the girls got together. There was a relay, a torch, the shot-put and the javelin and I gave them all apples. It was nice to see them all in one stadium together. Then I did half an hour and closed the ceremony and everyone blew me a kiss. And off I went into the sunset. To become a monk.”

Robbie ‘Prefers Stoke Beauties To LA Girls’

April 18, 2003 – In an interview for the Saturday Show, Robbie Williams said he prefers girls from his hometown Stoke-on-Trent to the babes in Los Angeles. He told presenter Fearne Cotton: “The honest truth is, girls from LA all look the same. There’s no natural beauty there, not the kind you would find in any High Street in the UK. If they could just chill out a bit, they’d be beautiful, but they’re far too ambitious to be beautiful. Girls from Stoke are better looking – and I’ll be back soon to pick one.”

EMI Happy With Robbie’s U.S. Record Sales

April 14, 2003 – Mark Collen, Senior Vice President of Marketing for EMI, tells Radio 1 that the company is happy with the way Robbie Williams’ sales are going with ‘Escapology’, which sold just 21,000 copies in its first week. “America is a totally totally different market and you cannot compare in any way to the UK,” he said. “If you look at how Coldplay have done it, they’ve spent months touring, they’ve spent months doing radio shows, and that’s very much the strategy that we’re taking with Robbie. The question you keep asking me – ‘am I happy with 21,000?’ Yes, because I was expecting 10-15,000 records.”

Robbie Thanks God For America

April 14, 2003 – Living in Los Angeles right now, Robbie Williams tells Entertainment Today he’s thanking God for America. “Because if we didn’t have America, we Brits wouldn’t know what illness we’ve got,” he explained. “You’ve got words for it over here – ADD, SAD, phobias. And medicine for it all, all created in America. Whereas in England, people were just walking around for years going ‘I feel….I dunno.’ And that’s what happened to me over there for 10 years – after I recently stopped drinking, I realized that I’d actually had depression. And along with that comes all that endless, boring self-analysis, and that’s what some of these new tracks are about.”

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