Robbie Williams Plotting Duet With Eminem

News of the World reports Robbie Williams is plotting a duet with Eminem in a bid to crack the American music market. “It will be the perfect partnership. They have mutual respect for each other,” An executive on Robbie’s US label revealed. “Eminem is the world’s biggest artist at the moment and a duet will catapult Robbie to the final level–making it in the US. They’re both talented artists and it will be a very exciting project.”

Robbie Turns Down Boy George’s Duet Offer

November 3, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror reports a pal of Robbie Williams has an explanation for why Boy George has been hurling insults at the singer, including his puzzlement over what Rachel Hunter sees in him. “There’s a touch of the George Michaels about him,” Boy George has said. Williams’ LA DJ friend Tom Irish responds that Robbie turned down Boy George for a duet. “He was blabbering like a baby,” Irish said. “Calling Robbie every name under the sun.”

Robbie Buries The Hatchet With Take That

November 1, 2002 – Robbie Williams has finally buried the hatchet with his former Take That bandmates. He told 400 fans at the recording of his BBC1 special The Robbie Williams Show: “I want to apologize because when I left I said some really bad things, it’s the truth I said some really bad things about the band. And I just want to say I’m really, sincerely sorry – we’re only young once.”

Elton Says He’d Love To Work With Robbie

October 30, 2002 – The Mirror reports Elton John has expressed an interest in working with Robbie Williams, but he says Robbie has never approached him. Elton said, “I’d love to write with Robbie. I do write with people when they ask me, but I don’t often get asked.” He added, “I love writing with other people. We don’t do that enough in the industry.”

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