Robbie Williams Says ‘Screw You’ To Nicole Appleton

The Sun reports shocked guests at his BBC1 concert taping on Sunday night when he shouted “screw you” before singing ‘Sexed Up’, a bitter song about ex-love Nicole Appleton. “Robbie has dusted it off again because it’s his way of getting back at Nicole. He was devastated when she told the world she had aborted his baby,” an insider revealed. “It was something they had gone through together and it was very personal. She betrayed him and he can’t forgive her. That is why he is releasing the song on ‘Escapology’ – it’s his turn to get even.”

Robbie Makes Return To Stage In Herts

October 27, 2002 – The Sun reports made his return to stage on Sunday after a one year break from the music industry. Robbie banned celebs from the Pinewood Studios in Herts, instead surrounding himself with 400 die-hard fans for the concert which will be part of a BBC special. “I’ve been away for 12 months and it feels like forever – but it’s great to be back,” Robbie said of his return. “I’ve been banned from swearing so all I can say is, I’ve been sh***ing myself.”

Stick To The Pop Robbie

October 27, 2002 – The Sunday People reports is so keen to become a film actor he’s ready to record some songs for Hollywood soundtracks. But his advisers want him to stick to pop music.

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