Robbie Williams Snubs Own Party After 6 Minutes

The Sun reports skipped his DVD launch party to instead spend the evening with his mother. Just six minutes into his bash after the premiere of the live recordings of his Knebworth gigs, he moaned to pals: “This isn’t really my scene, I’m going home now.” A friend said in the pop star’s defense, “In fairness to Robbie, he sometimes finds it hard to be around drunk people because he doesn’t touch alcohol any more. He said he could think of nothing worse than partying and just wanted a quiet night in with his mum. He’s tired because he’s working so hard. But he could’ve at least stayed half an hour and put on a smile.” Read more.

Robbie Performs At Abbey Road Studios

November 20, 2003 – performed onstage at the Abbey Road Studios in north London on Wednesday (November 19). Williams performed to just 300 fans at the studios famously used by The Beatles for most of their greatest recordings.

Robbie Is A Soundtrack Salesman

November 18, 2003 – Radio 1 reports admitted he actually forgot he’d agreed to do a song on the ‘Finding Nemo’ soundtrack until a car turned up to take him to the studio, but now – he’s got the bug. He said, “I am available for movie work, not acting but if you need a (sings) ‘Circle of Life’ or a (sings) ‘Somewhere Out There’ I can do this. Read my lyrics. I’m a narrative kind of guy, Hollywood bigwigs.” Williams contributed ‘Beyond the Sea’ for the flick.

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