Robbie Williams Splits Up With Lisa Brash

The Sunday Mirror reports that has split up with probation officer Lisa Brash after dating for a month. “He really liked Lisa but it just wasn’t meant to be,” a source revealed. “Robbie can never seem to find the perfect woman – and it’s heartbreaking because he really wants to fall in love and start a family.” Lisa responded to the news claiming, “If I never hear from him again, I’ll still cherish the time we had. I had a wonderful time. He’s a wonderful guy.”

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3 thoughts on “Robbie Williams Splits Up With Lisa Brash

  1. AussieSue says:

    Being the romantic soul that I am ( lol ) believes that Rob will find his lady one day soon as will the rest of us singles out there, but it’s harder than one might think to meet the right one and not just settle for being with someone just for the sake of having someone. When he does meet her he will be happy he waited for her : ) Long live romance lol

  2. zunderwood says:

    “Robbie can’t seem to find the perfect woman.” Obviously, he will never find the right woman because he likes men, duh!

  3. AussieSue says:

    Most of the comments I read on this site regarding Rob are pathetic and really have little to do with the story they are attached to. Just wondered one thing though. What is it exactly that says and screams out from your tiny little minds that Rob is actually gay? Maybe you have been bitten by the little green eyed monster commonly known by the name ‘jealousy’. Maybe a little envy in there somewhere too. Get over it, geez.

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