Robbie Williams Wore Mask As A Crude Disguise

The Mirror has an explanation for that ridiculous mask was wearing when he turned up to a clinic in London’s Harley Street the other day. “He doesn’t like being recognized or having his picture taken,” says an insider. As to why he was at the clinic, apparently it was part of his $125 million deal with EMI. “It’s standard practice in the music industry for artists to have a full medical after signing a deal,” says a spokeswoman.

Robbie Plotting Gig To Top Oasis

November 7, 2002 – The Sun reports is set to perform at the biggest gig ever in the UK, topping the Oasis show at Knebworth Park, Herts when they played before 250,000 in 1996. Robbie wants to play two days at Knebworth before a total crowd of 500,000. “The deal’s as good as done and a date is set for July 31. Robbie will top a bill featuring some of the best acts in Britain,” said an insider. “When Oasis played here it was bigger than anyone could ever imagine. They were at their peak, it was madness. Robbie’s now just as big and there’s no reason why we can’t draw those sort of numbers again.”

Robbie Set To Buy Trump Towers Apartment

November 6, 2002 – WENN reports is set to buy an apartment at Trump Towers, one of New York’s most luxurious complexes. After viewing a three level property, he immediately set the deal in motion. No word on how much he’ll be paying, but the units are incredibly expensive.

Guy Chambers Said Robbie Split Was Brutal

November 5, 2002 – The Sun spoke with Robbie Williams’ ex songwriting pal Guy Chambers at the Music Industry Trust’s dinner where he addressed why he was sacked. “The split was absolutely brutal,” Guy admitted. “It’s too upsetting to think about. We go back a long way so it’s hard to think it’s all over.”

Craig David Boasts He’s Outsold Robbie Williams

November 5, 2002 – The Sun spoke with Craig David who says that his ‘Born To Do It’ debut sold more copies than offerings from his British rival Robbie Williams, mostly because he’s cracked America and Robbie hasn’t. “If you look at how many albums were sold, then ‘Born To Do It’ has sold more copies than any of Robbie’s albums,” Craig pointed out. “But when you look at Robbie as a person you’re like, ‘He’s The Man!’ And the reason he’s the man is because he came out of a massive boy group, Take That, he has a sensitive side, an arrogant side, a boy-next-door side, a footballer who everyone can relate to. He’s a cool guy with a persona but I’ve sold more records than him. I think his biggest is five million, something like that. His £80million deal is crazy.”

The story at has since been removed.

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