Robert Schwartzman And Joe Jonas In Louisville

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and Robert Schwartzman of Rooney talk delts, kelts and hairRobert Schwartzman of Rooney and of the videotaped themselves hanging out in a back room in Louisville, Kentucky. The guys compared hairstyles and discussed their workout routines.

Joe: I didn’t notice our hair is kind of the same length.
Robert: Kind of. A little bit. You just got it trimmed, didn’t you?
Joe: Yeah, I got it trimmed.
Robert: How dare you. You said you wouldn’t trim it.
Joe: I worked out this morning. Did you work out this morning?
Robert: No. I’ll work out later. What did you do?
Joe: I pumped some iron.
Robert: Did you do delts?
Joe: I did kelts.
Robert: You did kelts?
Joe: Kelts. It’s a knew muscle.
Robert: How could you do that?
Joe: I just invented it.
Robert: How dare you. You said you’d never do kelts.
Joe: I’m the only guy who knows how to do kelts.
Robert: You said no more kelts.
Joe: It’s kind of addictive.

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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